3 Advanced SEO Techniques Experts Use To Double Your Search Traffic

Dreaming to double the traffic for your website? Only apt implementation of the SEO Techniques can do this for you. Well, in theory, anyone can apply SEO Techniques, but undoubtedly, only an expert can help you achieve the optimum results. Therefore, being an expert, I‘ll tell you what SEO practices can help you double the traffic for your website.

3 Advanced SEO Techniques Experts Use To Double Your Search Traffic

SEO Techniques That’ll Double Your Search Traffic

Do you know that if you want to double your website’s traffic, the first step is to revive your SEO techniques now?

Exactly! We all know things are changing rapidly in today’s world, and so the SEO techniques and strategies. The worst part is that you might not even get aware of it.

For instance, SEO techniques like relying on H1 tags for higher rankings, using Meta keywords, spamming on forums & emails, creating pages for bots, etc. are old-school now.

And, if you keep using only these Stone Age tactics in today’s era, you will inevitably fail to meet your goals. Hence we need to understand the fact that the methods we used back in 2015 to be ahead on search results are not going to do wonders in 2020. Plus, they are not only outdated but can easily hurt your website’s ranking.

That’s why if you need to stay up in your SEO game, all you need is an SEO Expert to apply fresh & advanced SEO Techniques to double your search traffic.

So, let’s have a look at advanced techniques that are set to Improve Your Site Traffic:

1. Mobile-First Indexing is the Need

Mobile-First Indexing is the Need

Recently the headlines suggested that Google has now started testing its mobile-first index.

Since people switched to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, Google also had brought a Mobile-first index phenomenon. For those who are not aware, it is nothing but Google’s new move to determine rankings, i.e., based on the indexing of your mobile site. In all, Google will include the mobile version of your website in its index, as an initial point.

You might be wondering that how is the Mobile-first index gonna impact SEO?

Well, the phenomenon impacts SEO as it prioritizes mobile-friendly websites for ranking on search engines. Evidently, it affects the position of your website in the search results. 

That means Google Robots won’t be curious to visit the webpage if you are not having a mobile version of your website. That will, no doubt, affect the position of your website, negatively.

There are few ways to get your website ready for the mobile-first index. Like you can improve your mobile version of the site, whether it’s text image, description, etc and the standard must be better or equal to the desktop version. Also, you can make sure that the “title” and “meta description” for both mobile and desktop versions are the same.

And it’s just the tip of the iceberg; I can help you explore more benefits of mobile-first indexing by using more efficient techniques.

2. Keep An Eye On Your Competitors’ SEO Keywords

Before doing any implementations, researching your competitors is always a smart move. Obviously when all of the work of ranking in Google’s top pages has already been done by your competitors, then why we do hard work, why not start with smart work.

You can find out the keywords that they’re ranking for and then use those same keywords to create better content. Yes, a little amount of research doesn’t cost anything but your time and can offer some great new strategies for you to try.

But it’s not as simple as it sounds. Again you will need an expert to find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for right now to implement better strategies.

3. Infographics For Engaging The Audience

Infographics For Engaging The Audience

Some reports suggest that the Infographics have been considered the best-performing digital content, in the web world these days. And why not, it is an established fact that more than 65% of people are visual learners, hence a graphic goes a lot further than just a text article.

But then the question arises, how SEO can be implemented on infographics? Well, again I as an expert can come as a rescue to help you identify specific keywords before you start writing compelling content for your infographic. I can also help you to optimize your infographic by defining Title, Alt Tags, and Description based on the selected keywords 

I can also help you to optimize your infographic by defining Title, Atl Tags, and Description based on selected keywords.

These are just a few. Because there are many more factors to keep in mind before sharing your infographic. Hence, I  can help you with all to bring the massive impact of an infographic on your website’s traffic.

Ready To Enhance Your Search Traffic?

Ready To Enhance Your Search Traffic?

So we have learned some best and sure-shot ways to improve the search traffic. But we have also learned how much we can do and how best an expert can do. So, why waste time? Hire me as your expert now and double the search traffic for your site right at the moment.

Adapt, Improvise, & Stay On Top Of The SERPs!

Featured Snippet Update 2020 – An Ease or Trouble for Digital Marketers?

Update in Google Algorithm always leaves us in a state of confusion as it either creates ease or mystery in the SEO industry. The new update in the Featured Snippet is also a big question for all, let us take you on a journey which defines it.

The answers you will cover in this journey:

  • What is Featured Snippet?
  • What is the update in Featured Snippet?
  • Impact of Featured Snippet on SEO Specialist
  • Benefits of Featured Snippet
  • How to earn Featured Snippet?

Let’s begin the tour!

What is Featured Snippet?

The story of Featured Snippet started in the year 2014. A Featured Snippet is often referred to as “Rank 0” and is highly coveted by marketers due to its prominent location. 

A featured snippet is said to be the prominent answer to a search query, usually found above the organic result on a Search-Engine-Result-Page (SERP).

There are 3 common types of SERP Featured Snippet:

  1. Paragraph Answers (usually 40-60 words)
What is Featured Snippet - Freelance Digital Marketers
  1. Numbered or Bulleted Lists (up to eight points)
Numbered or Bulleted Lists (up to eight points)
  1. Tables (with multiple columns)
Tables (with multiple columns)

[Takeaway 01: The term Featured snippet is when google shows a search result in a special featured snippet block at the top of the search results page.]

What is the update in Featured Snippet?

This story begins on January 23, 2020, when Google announces its Featured Snippets Updated Algorithm.

Google officials announced that it has rolled out an algorithm update that will restrict URLs that are shown in the featured snippet to appear again within the first ten organic search results.

According to Danny (Google’s Public Searchliaison), the new tweak in the algorithm will ensure the Search Results page is not cluttered, and only relevant information gets displayed.

He also confirmed that the featured snippet will be counted as one of the ten listings on the SERP.

According to  Danny (Google’s Public Searchliaison),

The updated Featured Snippet answers these queries of Digital Marketers:

  • Information that is regularly updated – A new algorithm improves the search by understanding what information remains useful over time and what becomes out-dated more quickly.
  • Information that changes as time passes – the information that needs to get freshness as its nature might change with time. The information needs change on a time-based event that’s in the future as compared to the information needed for an event that has already occurred.
Bad CTR , Good CTR - Freelance Digital Marketers
  • Current Events – The information is useful only when it’s up-to-date and matches the requirement of the current event. The marketer, as well as the SEO Freelancers, believes to be updated with the trend as per the on-going events.

[Takeaway 02: The Featured snippet update is important because it forces the content creators and publishers to review which content is evergreen and what kind of content requires updates.]

Impact of Featured Snippet Updation on the SEO Specialist

The update in the Google algorithm leaves a major impact on the work of the SEO Specialists, Digital Marketers and Search specialist as the results are always associated with the algorithms and the updates.

Tension! Tension! Tension!

Don’t worry, SEOs and Site Owners can take a deep breath as there’s no significant change in organic search traffic following Google’s featured snippet update.

A deep sigh! As it is worth noting that there were minor fluctuations detected in specific industries but these were very similar to day-to-day fluctuations.

  • Auto industry (searches with informational intent): A 10% increase in traffic was observed between January 22 – January 23.
  • Auto industry (searches with transactional intent): A 15% decrease in traffic was observed from January 22 – January 23.
  • Finance industry (searches with informational intent): A 4% increase in traffic was observed from January 22 to January 23.

[Takeaway 03: The Featured snippet reminds the publisher that the content needs to be reviewed from time to time and it is the content that makes a powerful impact on their working.]

Benefits of Featured Snippets

The updates in Google’s Algorithm in regard to the Featured Snippet was a natural progression for the search engine to improve the results for the user, but why bloggers, publishers, digital marketers, and other SEO Specialist work so hard to get, here are the reasons:

  1. Increase In Website Traffic – The most prominent benefit of getting a featured snippet is more traffic to the website.Users like featured snippet as it provide quick answers to their questions and this benefits the chosen site with increased traffic, which could be 20-30%
Increase In Website Traffic
  1. Increase In Conversions – Featured Snippet helps in the hefty increase in the organic conversions. It is also referred to as “Rank 0” which is above all the conversions. It means that you can attract more potential customers to your website by which your chances of increasing online conversions are significantly heightened.
Increase In Conversions
  1. Increase In Brand Awareness – Featured snippet not only helps to increase organic conversions or traffic on the website, but it also creates awareness about your brand. It displays your content, a website on the search result as it finds your content relevant and authentic for the users. It also helps to generate credibility about your website in the mind of the users.
Increases Website Authority
  1. Increases Website Authority – Link building, the total number of visits, average time spent on the website and many other factors are also considered when Google determines the authenticity of the website. By obtaining the featured snippet, it means that Google chooses your website over others as the most relevant answers to the queries of the users.
Featured Snippet
  1. Increases Keyword Ranking – The increase in website authority from the featured snippet triggers an improvement in keyword rankings and the online visibility and credibility of the website. The right keyword opportunity that could be ideal for your site helps to qualify your site for the featured snippet.
Increases Keyword Ranking

[Takeaway 04: The Featured snippet benefits the working of an SEO, Marketer and Site owners in various ways as it is directly or indirectly the mode of generating traffic, brand awareness, conversions, authority, and keyword opportunity.]

How to earn Featured Snippet?

How to earn Featured Snippet?
  • Analyze keyword opportunities.
  • Create new strategic content.
  • Create a Question & Answer format.
  • Create ease for Google by adding Subheadings, Lists, Tables, etc.
  • Review and Polish existing snippets on a timely basis for increased CTR.

[Takeaway 05: The Featured snippet can be earned by implementing the desired changes required by the users, but to understand the desired changes all you need is “WE]

Get a featured snippet for your website 

We the Freelance Digital Marketers are here just a call away to help you implement the changes required to be featured by Google on the Rank #0

To understand the requirements of our client in one-take is what makes us special and different from others.