3 Advanced SEO Techniques Experts Use To Double Your Search Traffic

Dreaming to double the traffic for your website? Only apt implementation of the SEO Techniques can do this for you. Well, in theory, anyone can apply SEO Techniques, but undoubtedly, only an expert can help you achieve the optimum results. Therefore, being an expert, I‘ll tell you what SEO practices can help you double the traffic for your website.

3 Advanced SEO Techniques Experts Use To Double Your Search Traffic

SEO Techniques That’ll Double Your Search Traffic

Do you know that if you want to double your website’s traffic, the first step is to revive your SEO techniques now?

Exactly! We all know things are changing rapidly in today’s world, and so the SEO techniques and strategies. The worst part is that you might not even get aware of it.

For instance, SEO techniques like relying on H1 tags for higher rankings, using Meta keywords, spamming on forums & emails, creating pages for bots, etc. are old-school now.

And, if you keep using only these Stone Age tactics in today’s era, you will inevitably fail to meet your goals. Hence we need to understand the fact that the methods we used back in 2015 to be ahead on search results are not going to do wonders in 2020. Plus, they are not only outdated but can easily hurt your website’s ranking.

That’s why if you need to stay up in your SEO game, all you need is an SEO Expert to apply fresh & advanced SEO Techniques to double your search traffic.

So, let’s have a look at advanced techniques that are set to Improve Your Site Traffic:

1. Mobile-First Indexing is the Need

Mobile-First Indexing is the Need

Recently the headlines suggested that Google has now started testing its mobile-first index.

Since people switched to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, Google also had brought a Mobile-first index phenomenon. For those who are not aware, it is nothing but Google’s new move to determine rankings, i.e., based on the indexing of your mobile site. In all, Google will include the mobile version of your website in its index, as an initial point.

You might be wondering that how is the Mobile-first index gonna impact SEO?

Well, the phenomenon impacts SEO as it prioritizes mobile-friendly websites for ranking on search engines. Evidently, it affects the position of your website in the search results. 

That means Google Robots won’t be curious to visit the webpage if you are not having a mobile version of your website. That will, no doubt, affect the position of your website, negatively.

There are few ways to get your website ready for the mobile-first index. Like you can improve your mobile version of the site, whether it’s text image, description, etc and the standard must be better or equal to the desktop version. Also, you can make sure that the “title” and “meta description” for both mobile and desktop versions are the same.

And it’s just the tip of the iceberg; I can help you explore more benefits of mobile-first indexing by using more efficient techniques.

2. Keep An Eye On Your Competitors’ SEO Keywords

Before doing any implementations, researching your competitors is always a smart move. Obviously when all of the work of ranking in Google’s top pages has already been done by your competitors, then why we do hard work, why not start with smart work.

You can find out the keywords that they’re ranking for and then use those same keywords to create better content. Yes, a little amount of research doesn’t cost anything but your time and can offer some great new strategies for you to try.

But it’s not as simple as it sounds. Again you will need an expert to find out what keywords your competitors are ranking for right now to implement better strategies.

3. Infographics For Engaging The Audience

Infographics For Engaging The Audience

Some reports suggest that the Infographics have been considered the best-performing digital content, in the web world these days. And why not, it is an established fact that more than 65% of people are visual learners, hence a graphic goes a lot further than just a text article.

But then the question arises, how SEO can be implemented on infographics? Well, again I as an expert can come as a rescue to help you identify specific keywords before you start writing compelling content for your infographic. I can also help you to optimize your infographic by defining Title, Alt Tags, and Description based on the selected keywords 

I can also help you to optimize your infographic by defining Title, Atl Tags, and Description based on selected keywords.

These are just a few. Because there are many more factors to keep in mind before sharing your infographic. Hence, I  can help you with all to bring the massive impact of an infographic on your website’s traffic.

Ready To Enhance Your Search Traffic?

Ready To Enhance Your Search Traffic?

So we have learned some best and sure-shot ways to improve the search traffic. But we have also learned how much we can do and how best an expert can do. So, why waste time? Hire me as your expert now and double the search traffic for your site right at the moment.

Adapt, Improvise, & Stay On Top Of The SERPs!