How Did it Start?

What started individually is now thriving as four!

After working as digital marketing freelancers for offshore agencies for years, individually, we four friends thought to bring something together that could not only benefit us but all.

This all came into existence after experiencing how we all used to ask for help from each other, for anything that comes out of the scope of the job, and then we used to work together to make that happen.

And, after working on a few projects together, we thought, why not make it a routine?

Concept of Launching FDM

Launched in 2019, Freelance Digital Marketers is not an organization, company, or agency but a network where you can find experts for SEO, SEM/PPC, SMM, Content Writing/Marketing, etc.

We could plan to build an organization together, but we wanted something unique. So, we crafted a network where you only find 4 expert freelancers, without any BDE, Manager, or anyone leading them. We all work individually in our respective niches and work together as per the requirements.

We are not happy about our work, until you are not! The only goal we have is to take care of our customers and help them achieve their goals. If we did that, everything else goes smoothly. We make sure you never feel that if you are not working with a team, you lack somewhere. We discuss, share ideas, and deliver 100% satisfactory results even while working as a dedicated freelancer.

What Makes us Different from Others?

First and foremost, have you ever felt that while working with a firm, you are not able to converse with the expert directly? Of course, organizations believe in hierarchy, and only a business marketing person deals with the client.

We wanted to change that trend. So if you choose our network, you can directly speak to the expert, there is no middle way.

Another factor that distinguishes us from others, all of us are well-aware of digital marketing functionalities, and we take full responsibility for the work we do. Even if one or two of us are handling a project, only one takes 100% responsibility and stays in contact with the client, throughout the journey.

Besides, we work hard to stand at the forefront of all emerging trends, so that we serve our client the ‘Fresh’.

This makes us bring value to the work we do!


Y5buddy is a Singapore-based firm, offering pocket WiFi rental services to people traveling abroad. SEO strategies have helped them to be the most preferred WiFi device provider in the HK.

Grupio allows event organizers to mobilize their events successfully by providing feature-filled event apps. A diverse SEO plan helped them improve their customer base & build trust among them.

SELCO USA INC. provides Offshore Community Technical Solutions to clients from all around the world. Well-implemented SEO tactics have improved their online visibility and ultimately, the sales revenue.

At Lash Boutique, qualified stylists provide a range of permanent makeup solutions to the customers. A thoroughly-researched SEO and content marketing plan help this beauty studio gain more exposure online.

Pinjam WiFi offers pocket WiFi devices to let international travelers access lightning-fast Internet overseas. 360-degree digital marketing services have helped them improve their search engine rankings & drive relevant traffic.

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