Google Search Algorithm and Ranking System

Almost every day, Google introduces changes in its algorithm. Some changes are so small that they have little or no effect but some changes shake the complete SEO workings. If you keep up with Internet Marketing, or even just regularly scroll online for information, you have heard of Google Algorithms.

Today in this blog we will brief you about

  • What is the Google Algorithm?
  • What is Google Search Algorithm?
  • What is a Ranking System?

What is a Google Algorithm?

Google Algorithm is a complex system that helps to ease the search results of the user by retrieving the data from its search index and instantly delivers the best possible results for the query.

The search engine, therefore, uses the combinations of various algorithms and ranking signals to deliver the webpages ranked by relevance on its Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

What is a Google Algorithm?

What is a Google Search Algorithm?

The basic Google Algorithm is used for search, or say each search conducted on the site, but every user has different ways to put down their query or search or let’s say they use different keywords for the search. The algorithm is adjusted for each search and can be altered by even the slightest change in the spelling of the search or its word order. Accordingly, the results are generated and the users can visit the sites as per the relevance.

The amount of information-driven on the web is very important. Sorting is very important to reach the desired result. Search Algorithm considers many factors while delivering useful information such as meaning of query, relevance of website, quality of content, context, and settings.

  • Meaning of the Query:

To deliver the results of the query, we first need to understand the meaning and the intent of the search i.e. understanding its language and aspect of search.

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  • Relevance of Webpages:

It analyzes the content of the webpages to examine whether the pages contain the information relevant to the query. The most basic signal to assess whether the information is relevant to the webpage or not is the same keywords as the search query. Beyond simple keyword matching, the other aspect used is aggregated and anonymized interaction data to assess the relevance of search results as per the query.

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  • Quality of Content:

The search algorithm also aims to prioritize the most relevant and reliable source of content to your search query. For this, the systems are designed in a way that identifies the signals to determine which pages demonstrate expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness on the searched query.

  • Usability of the Webpage:

The search algorithm also analyzes the signals which indicate the usability of the webpage, like whether the site appears correctly in different browsers, its design is accessible for all device types and sizes (desktop, tablet, mobile phone), and the page loading time works well for all sorts of internet users.

  • Context and Settings:

The search history of a user also helps us to derive useful and relevant results for you at the moment. Country and location settings help to deliver the best possible results according to the area.

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What is a Ranking System?

Website ranking is a complex process, and hundreds of interconnected factors determine the ranking of websites and pages by Google. The pages or websites that appear on Rank#0 or Rank#1 for the said query is determined as the most relevant and useful. Google determines the websites that are most useful and relevant by using a complex algorithm.

Google’s complex process is a secret for everyone, however, through different combinations, a good SEO Strategist knows what the most important factors are. For Example,  SEO Researchers, SEO Professionals, Local SEO Experts, and SEO Link Builders would agree that the following are the important ranking factors:

  • Keyword Usage
  • Usability of website 
  • Number of Inbound Links
  • Quality of Links

The ranking given to websites and pages is wholly determined by the algorithm and no manual intervention by humans to adjust the ranking specific websites is done.

A website that is ranked 1st today could potentially not even be on the 1st page next week, as it totally depends on the factors of the algorithm and how much you pay attention to those factors being an SEO professional.

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