How do I Boost Traffic on my eCommerce Website this Holiday Season?

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  • How do I Boost Traffic on my eCommerce Website this Holiday Season?

Missing any sales this holiday season? You need to figure out if you have done SEO properly for your website!

It is no wrong to say that the Holiday season is the best time to boost up sales. Doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website the whole year is the best way to keep your online store under the spotlight, even during festivals. And this is one of the reasons why you should keep doing SEO for your online store throughout the holidays, but a little creatively, to get improved results.

How do I Boost Traffic on my eCommerce Website this Holiday Season

All you need to do is change the technique a bit, put Holiday-feel in your SEO strategy, and grab more traction.

Plus, if you Hire SEO Freelancer for the same, you may achieve a major target of your possible annual revenue in just a few festive days.

Well, if there are still some questions in your mind, like how to craft the strategy, what to do differently, etc., then no need to panic. Today, I am, being an SEO Expert for years, listing answers to some common questions you may be struggling with (as many people have asked such questions from me during my past projects).

Let’s begin!

1. How doing Re-research for Keywords can help?

Keywords play a crucial role in the optimization of your website in the festive season as well as in the seasonal ranking.

You might be wondering, why to find keywords again? Seasonal SEO is always based on some unique sets of keywords, as in this modern age, each festival brings a new set of seasonal keywords into the front row. For instance, if we talk about Christmas specifically, it brings keywords such as top Christmas gifts, Christmas getaways, Christmas decorations, Christmas lights, Christmas desserts, etc.

It signifies, if your eStore does not include seasonal keywords in your offer announcements, landing pages, product pages, or blog articles, you won’t show up in search results.

Hence, with each approaching festival, the first action that you must take is to optimize your online store with the trending set of festive-special keywords.

If you are not sure how, to begin with, a Local SEO Specialist can help you find those keywords which are most used by consumers in searching for products during festive purchases.

2. Is it Important to Optimize Existing Content?

New Keywords somehow means new content! But with the help of creative content optimization techniques, you do not have to write whole new content.

Yes! Check out for your well-ranking landing pages or well-performing blogs from last year’s festive season.

Well! Why not update those existing content and make it fresh for the coming festive sales instead of creating fresh content?

Optimizing or updating current content helps in two crucial ways; first, updating content is quicker and easier to implement, and second, we don’t need to get our content in the ranking race from scratch. Moreover, existing content pieces already have backlinks, and hence updating them won’t require the extra effort of building backlinks.

Some factors that you while updating your current content are listed here:

 The common procedure to carry out content optimization includes a few steps:

  • Examine the metrics and analytics of existing content and understand the top-performing blog posts or pages.
  • Perform keyword research to uncover the trending keywords.
  • Make the existing content fresh on the same URL and the same blog post.
  • Add new meta description, focused keywords, title, feature images, etc., based on the requirements.
  • Optimize the content.

3. Why to Change Landing Pages Holiday Wise?

A holiday-oriented landing page can serve as a golden key for your festive sales, as well as for festive SEO.

It enables you to turn your festive goal more targeted and specific, offers a common home for all festive specific keywords, crafts a festive targeted Call To Action (CTA), pulls more customers, displays offers and product announcements, etc; all at one place. Hence, rather than non-centralized festive pages, the chances of ranking such a page are much more.

Plus, visibility brings organic traffic, which leads to sales and conversions.

These days, eCommerce stores have started building appealing landing pages, especially seasonal events. They optimize and then publicize these landing pages on several social media platforms, before the beginning of that event, in order to outrank on the search engine.

For instance, if you are crafting a landing page Christmas, it must comprise specific keywords, Christmas specific products, and media. And must contain enticing Call To Action (CTA) to encourage visitors to take desired actions, making the page a normal place for all Christmas shoppers.

And, making your festive SEO successful such a page is easy to rank.

Keep in mind that building an effective Call To Action (CTA) shows your marketing skill. Color, anchor text placement, size, etc., all count, and if all done flawlessly, the conversion rate is raised too many folds.

4. Why is Festive-oriented Link-Building is crucial?

Especially to Google crawlers, a link to your web pages is a signal that the following web page is a worthy piece of content. Plus, Google tends to enhance the ranking of web pages with such a signal.

Overall, it is known as off-page SEO.

It can be done for holiday-based pages as well. To be more particular, extending the concept of off-page SEO to off-page-holiday SEO.

Backlinking or Link building is a strategic way of attracting traffic to your website or web pages from the other’s website or pages. Besides, it helps in enhancing the Domain Authority (DA) as well as Page Authority (PA) when links are “do-follow” in nature. 

Make sure that more and more internal linking can help you to drive festive shoppers to several product pages.

Additionally, the anchor text matters a ton. So, try hard to get backlinks with anchor text that is more holiday-specific like; Christmas best gifts, Black Friday deals, Thanksgiving best offers, Halloween most spooky getup, etc., that drives the readers for immediate shopping.

Keep-in-mind things throughout off-page link building:

  • Guest Posting for enhanced holiday page authority
  • For new product releases, publish a Press Release (PR) during the festive season.
  • Don’t overlook using internal links [make a cluster of your blogs].
  • Monitor domain authority and page authority before taking or giving links.

5. Can Low Loading Speed Drive-Away the Customers?

It is a known reality that page speed is a crucial Google ranking factor. 

Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, etc., are the biggest Holiday season sale days of the year, which drive high traffic to online shopping websites. The overcrowding may overwhelm the server, following slow loading speed.

So, to make sure that no problem arises during the sale, don’t forget to double-check your servers before the start of the festive season sale.

Note: Fix lost landing pages, resolve the error 404 pages, broken links, and 301 redirects for a better sale.

Extra Question: How Optimizing Social Media Campaigns this Season Can be Beneficial?

According to a survey, organizations that are not doing social media marketing are struggling to get ahead in SEO ranking.

A well-strategized social media marketing campaign can also help you generate leads, engage your audience, get you more brand exposure, and plenty more.

Tips to optimize your social media campaigns:

  • Craft enticing content.
  • Plan your posts ahead of time.
  • Use trending hashtags
  • Update your social media profiles (username, appealing bio, quality pictures).
  • Use videos in your posts.
  • Use CTAs

End Note:

Use these answers as tips to enhance your traffic this holiday season. You can even contact us directly. We will use our experience to make you stand out from the crowd. Get in touch with Freelance Digital Marketers today!

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