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“Deliver your message to the targeted audience and attain maximum ROI with me”

To build transparency in the brand identity, you need a united message. And when you merge this with the performance marketing automation efforts, you are able to generate measurable results and maximize ROI with a unified voice that conveys the brand value.  I can be your voice and strategist with the best content that explains and promotes your brand. Explore more with me!  

Who Am I And Why Should You Approach Me? 

I am a dedicated freelance content marketing and performance marketing specialist with a broad experience of over  10 years in creating and promoting content for a particular brand or business and achieving maximum outcomes. My primary goal is to engage and attract a specific target audience by creating valuable, informative, engaging content and taking a data-driven approach that drives specific actions, such as clicks, leads, or sales, through targeted advertising campaigns. That can eventually drive traffic and conversions to the company's website or social media platforms. 

In today's digital world, content is everything. It's the bread and butter of any online business, and it can make or break your success.  I, as a Freelance Content Marketing Specialist, am responsible for developing content strategies, conducting research on their target audience, creating various types of content such as blog posts, social media posts, email newsletters, and also press releases through PR distribution services, optimizing content for search engines, and continually refining their content strategy based on business requirement. 

But to become a brand, this is not just enough! You need a strategy like Performance Marketing to track and analyze your performance from the previous set of strategies. I am your performance marketing freelancer who offers a 360-degree strategy that helps you not only improve your online visibility but also track and analyze your performance.

In What Ways, I Can Help You? 

  • A thorough plan to direct your efforts: I start with scanning your business goals, and objectives in order to choose the best course of action.
  • Content creation: Then I create high-quality content that is relevant and valuable to the target audience. 
  • Content promotion: As a freelance content marketing specialist, I am skilled at promoting content for which I use social media, email marketing, press release distribution services, and other tactics. 
  • Performance monitoring: As a performance marketing specialist, I regularly monitor and analyze key metrics to determine success. 

My Areas of Specialization! 

As a content marketing specialist and performance marketing expert consist of a number of marketing strategies and techniques, here are a few that I have expertise in: 

  • Content development and optimization
  • Paid media management
  • Analytics and measurement
  • Conversion rate optimization (CRO)
  • Marketing automation

My specialization in comprehensive content marketing and performance marketing is like a tailored suit made for specific business requirements. Strategies that match your business requirements swiftly and deliver the best outcomes. 

Always remember “It’s not the best content that stands out. It’s the best-promoted content that stands out.” So take a step further and build your brand identity with a professional content and performance marketing expert like me.

Content strategy

I excel in developing thorough content strategies that align with the brand's goals and target audience, ensuring comprehensive plans for successful content execution.

Content Creation

I possess strong writing and storytelling skills to effectively communicate the brand's message, captivating audiences and fostering deeper connections with the brand.

Content promotion

I am skilled in analyzing performance metrics and adapting strategies to maximize content visibility and reach, leveraging data-driven insights to optimize promotional efforts for greater engagement and impact.







New Visitors v/s Returning Visitors Pie Chart

Lash Boutique

Lash Boutique is a one-stop for all lash & brows related problems and geared to help customers to achieve a perfectly balanced look. To enhance search visibility of their website, they chased me as an expert to build a high-performing website for their business. I employed my pragmatic approach and technical expertise to help them in enhancing their search visibility plus ranking to get them more conversions. Also, I helped them boost their business by taking advantage of my local SEO expertise & made them ahead of their competitors. Some more results:

New Visitors v/s Returning Visitors Pie Chart

HOS (Home of Shanghai)

Home of Shanghai, an exclusive real estate agency, helping expats to rent rooms, villas, houses, offices in Shanghai, and a dream home across China. After offering services for years, they decided to chase an expert to stand out well in local searches. Being versed with my SEO skills, I let them promote their services locally plus to people who are seeking out their niche through a search engine. Also, as a Link Research & Building expert, I helped them get their website listed higher up in the search results than their competitors. More results I delivered to them are:

New Visitors v/s Returning Visitors Pie Chart

Fresh Meals

Fresh Meals 2 U offers the highest-quality ingredients for us to craft all-natural, nutrient-rich meals and deliver them to our door-step, fresh, and ready to eat. Even after having such unique & great services, they were missing out on the relevant, targeted traffic. Here I took advantage of my best local SEO strategies and helped them grow their business and to attract more customers. Plus, with my expertise in Link Building, Link Research, I let them effectively market their local business and improve its ranking on Google map/place. After putting on constant efforts, I delivered several results:

New Visitors v/s Returning Visitors Pie Chart

Beltway Commercial

Beltway Commercial Services offers exclusive construction, commercial maintenance services in Washington, Virginia, D.C., and Maryland. While they were lacking the targeted traffic, I took that charge. First, I employed my content marketing skills to not only interact with the audience but also to generate relevant traffic for their business website. Also, I utilized my expertise and made them promote their products and services locally to people who are seeking out their niche through a search engine. Check more results below:

New Visitors v/s Returning Visitors Pie Chart


Paluska Plumbing offers expertise in plumbing solutions and plumbing remodeling to all residential and commercial clients. They approached me to use my skill and expertise and bring their business in the top positions of Google Maps, especially for their targeted geography. I also helped them with a well-optimized, verified Google My Business (GMB) Listing and rewarded them with better visibility in the Google Maps and Google Search results. Also, let them boost their business by taking advantage of local SEO services to make them ahead of their competitors. Moreover, I helped them with:

New Visitors v/s Returning Visitors Pie Chart


Headshots provide the best photography services in Las Vegas to make your every first impression strong. They wanted a robust, impactful website along with the best content to make a huge impact on their searchers. I helped them for the same. By putting my top content marketing strategies, I let them connect and create, both loyalty and trust, with their current customers, as well as prospects. Also, taking advantage of my expertise in Link Building, Link Research, I effectively marketed their local business and improved its ranking on Google Maps for their targeted geography. Further, I let them achieve:



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