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Boom! Google is back with a bang! Google has announced its second update for the year, and it is not like its previous updates with cute names, but it is named May 2020 Core Algorithm Update.

Well! This update was confirmed by Danny Sullivan by his tweet

May 2020 Core Algorithm Update

Google is trying to fit in the shoes of the economy! Don’t you think? 

In this pandemic where everyone is concerned about their health and safety, Google announces a core algorithm update to keep the economy in pace. As per the latest results, Nowadays, people are getting completely digital with the new norms of Social Distancing.

Google just played their cards to guide the Digital Marketers, how to make the next move.

In this New Update, Google has tried to study the pattern of the users and draw an algorithm around it to deliver the best possible results. 


Lets, dig into the new algorithm and know what it says,

Digital Marketers- Freelance Digital marketers

To produce widely noticeable effects on search engines the basic updates are designed.

Effects of the new updates, sites may observe a drop or gain in their search rankings.

The relevance of the content is a major key behind the changes in the ranking. It will determine the drop or gain over the search rankings.

The content that was not modified at the time when the last update was announced needs to be re-evaluated.

Although, it would nearly take 2 weeks to fully roll out the new updates, and it is said that the highest impact of this algorithm seems to be on several industries, including those which are already affected by this pandemic.

The only mantra that Google wants everyone to chant is to produce high-quality content. The algorithms and several updates will be announced from time to time, but if you are producing high-quality content then you are in the race.

By introducing new updates and algorithms, Google’s only motive is to present relevant and authoritative content to the searchers.

What’s Next?

Naturally, after an update there is no hard and fast rule to overcome the effects of the updates, one should only focus on improvising the content to keep the pace. All you need to understand is your ranking fluctuation and take necessary actions.

If you still wish to be on the top-notch of the ranking after the May 2020 Core Algorithm Update, you can go ahead with:

  • Unique is our new normal if your content is distinctive from others it will drag more attention and easier to get higher rankings on Google.
  • Quality links to your web-pages always help to improve the ranking. If you have any faulty or unnatural link to your web pages, you should remove it.
  • Today, one can stay without other amenities but not without mobile. So, making your content available to their cellular devices and making it user friendly. Will help you boost your rankings.
  • Content duplicacy can be an issue as it will drop your ranking. You should re-audit the content and make it unique.
  • Keywords play a vital role in ranking, what-if right keywords are not targeted on the right pages, it will be useless. Pay more focus on keyword targeting.
  • The relevance of the content is important as it directly or indirectly determines the drop or gains over the search rankings.

A sum-up to the new updates: May 2020 Core Algorithm Update

Content must focus on providing original reports, information, research, or analysis along with a detailed description of the topic. A descriptive headline is always better, and all SEO Specialists must review their content on the parameters like quality, comparative questions, results, and authoritativeness.

Freelancer Digital Marketers are just a call away to help you sort your content and website issues as per the new algorithm updates by Google.

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