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Hiring a freelance SEO writer is a thing almost everyone is doing nowadays. Thinking why? I am sure you might be struggling with many more questions related to the same subject. Follow this complete guide to get all the answers!

If you are a successful business owner, you're the one who knows the most about your company. Hence you can answer the question about what your business like no one else can. Or you can create relevant content regarding your services or products. 

Sure, you know your business better — but can you convey all about it with confidence and clarity on your website?

Without a doubt, not everyone is good at writing, and that's not wrong. Even if you are, can you daily dedicate your time to write engaging, authentic content that your customers or clients will enjoy? Possibly not.

Being a business owner or entrepreneur means there's always more to do and not enough time to commit to any other job. 

That's why lots of business owners choose to hire a  freelance SEO writer nowadays who specializes in offering valuable time-saving and compelling content writing solutions.

What is SEO Writing?

For those who are unaware, SEO writing (also known as "writing for SEO") is the process of planning, crafting, and optimizing content with the central goal of ranking in search engines.

It is not only writing with keywords but placing them well for the best results. 

Importance of SEO Writing 

It's no secret that to get a high rank in Google or any other search engine, excellent content is KEY. 

But at the same time, just writing or publishing high-quality content isn't sufficient. In short, your content needs legit search engine optimization to get a high rank.

In other words: 

Relevant content + Apt and competitive Keywords = SEO writing

Again freelance SEO writers help with this kind of content.

Who is a Freelance SEO Writer?

The term "freelance" comes from medieval times when a soldier used to sell their skills to any ruler willing to pay. Hence, he was a "freelance." Similarly, today, writers sell their skills with words to anyone in need of some help; therefore, they are known as freelance writers.

Now, when the same expert knows how to compose content with relevant keywords, placing them meaningfully and with knowledge of proximity and prominence- they are identified as freelance SEO writers.

Freelance SEO writers can create Website blogs, promotional blogs, journalistic articles, Facebook or any social media posts, email newsletters, company white papers, case studies, and any other content that requires precision with words and keywords.

They generally work on a self-employed basis. It's up to their will, whether they want to work for just one magazine or write for several different publications at the same time. Indeed the more diverse a writer can be, the more likely they are to be hired and rewarded for their work.

No matter what size the company is (both large and small), today, everyone can reach freelance writers and have them come into the office every day, even though they're not full-time or part-time employees. 

In short, anyone can leverage the advantages by hiring the right freelance SEO writer. Just they should know how to find one. 

Continue reading the guide to learn the same! 

Types of Contents Freelance SEO Writer Craft

1. Blog Writing

These days blog writing is one popular way of advertising brands online. The audience finds a specific blog post on social media or Google; they check it out, and if they like the blog, they travel to the website and buy whatever the company is selling. This is one of the reasons many companies are hiring professional freelance SEO writers for blog writing.

However, the blogs are not also advertising; it is completely based on the client. And most of the time, a blog post is way more relaxed in tone and aims to inform and engage the reader on a specific subject.

2. White Papers

There are many businesses or clients who require a white paper to be written. This document tends to be detailed and lengthy and focuses on a specific problem and how it can be resolved. They can be designed to be helpful, educational, and objective. Many freelance SEO writers you can find design white papers with a more professional tone.

3. Email Marketing

Email marketing has its own space in today's marketing world. An impactful email marketing campaign can both make or break any specific service or product. So, firms hire SEO writers to craft appealing email marketing campaigns for businesses from all sorts of sectors.

4. Social Media

Social media is not only popular but also one of the very common ways companies communicate with their customers. Hence, they always need a good freelance SEO writer to write engaging posts, effective Twitter and Facebook updates that encourage shares and boost their brands' social media presence.

5. Website Copy

From writing a simplified step-by-step guide so that a consumer knows the ins and outs of a particular service to create powerful landing pages which enhance a client's conversion rate, Writing for the web can involve everything. It can also include creating a home page, writing a product copy, and plenty more. Again companies hire dedicated content writers to adapt their style and compose a beautiful platter of words for their customers.

These are just a few common kinds of content. However, the answer to what sort of content a freelance SEO writer craft is almost everything.

Qualities of an Excellent Freelance SEO Writer


Undoubtedly your business is growing every day. And having a freelance SEO writer by side that will help your business boost with it is a logical step is a must. But for that, he or she must know how to write in more than one voice or style. Plus, it is important for the writer to keep up with your content marketing schedule. A good writer always has these qualities.

Turnaround Time

A good writer is always punctual and works with quick turnaround times. There are high chances that being a business person, you may need content back to you within 24 hours or sometimes on weekends. So check if the writer is ready to work with such strict deadlines or not.  

Excellent writers always come up with solutions best for both.

Communication Skills

Writers indeed stay in constant communication with their clients, with their companions, and the world around them.

So, if the writer can present themselves well over the phone, in person, and in writing, he/she is the one. 

Plus, the expert must know how to communicate on tools like Skype, Basecamp, Trello, IM, Voice Mail, VoIP, Slack, and many more.


No wonder raw and fresh talent is excellent, but experience always matters. Usually, the more we do something, the better we get at it. The case is the same with writing. Based on the business and needs, freelance writers must be experienced and confident to handle any project.

SEO Knowledge

This does not mean that a writer needs to be an SEO expert. But if he/she has the basic knowledge, especially about keywords, proximity, and prominence, it works like a feather on the hat. 

In all, the writer must know how to craft strong meta descriptions and click-worthy headlines while focusing on keywords as well as without being spammy.

Benefits of Hiring a Freelance SEO Writer

High Quality of Work

Building great relationships is everything for freelancers. And what’s the most fundamental element of any business relationship? High-quality work.

Regular employees can be careless when it comes to consistent quality, but it matters differently for a freelancer. It is because it helps them in running their own business successfully and retain clients. 

Therefore, they’re highly motivated to compose stellar work and exceptional turnaround times. Nothing is fixed for a freelancer, so he/she takes nothing for granted, which eventually benefits your business.

You Have a Second Viewpoint on your Content Strategy

A good copywriter and content writer not only write content but also helps you with your content strategy.

For instance, you need content for your small business; a freelance SEO writer can help you see hidden angles you might not have thought about.

They can offer you a second opinion on what else can be added to your copy. In short, they can work hard to provide the best to your customers.

You can Publish Frequently

It is a freelance SEO writer who helps you publish more regularly. After all, It’s their part of their job to create content, that too, regularly for their clients.

All you need to do is create a content calendar and then leave it to the freelance writer to craft and deliver content on schedule.

The best part is, knowing the expert is handling a content part, you can concentrate on other aspects of your business. 

Versatility and Special Expertise

A freelancer often provides your business a fresh look with their versatile content. That means no matter what type of content you need; they can fulfill your demand. They also stay available to meet a sudden demand with expertise. 

Now we know the qualities of good SEO writers, and we also learned the benefits of hiring them. But the question arises, how to hire the right one. Well, the below questions can help you. Keep reading…

Questions to Ask a Freelance SEO Writer Before Hiring

  1. How much experience do you have in writing SEO-based content?
  2. Can you list out the content formats you wrote till?
  3. How do you proofread your own work?
  4. Tell me about your turnaround times?
  5. Can you do the iterations or update your work on request?
  6. Can you optimize your content for search engines?
  7. What is the tone you generally prefer for writing?
  8. What industries do you write about?
  9. How do you research when you first get the project?
  10. Do you want it Byline, or are you fine with Ghostwriting?
  11. Can you show your portfolio?
  12. Tell me about your charges/rate, or can you provide a quote?

How to Hire a Dedicated Freelance SEO Writer?

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