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Core Web Vitals: What it is? How to Recover from it?

Google has never taken a back seat due to any economic downfall. Google has always played on front-foot when we talk about updates or vital changes or algorithms to measure and report website performance.

Over the years, Google has offered several tools which include Lighthouse, Chrome DevTools, PageSpeed Insights, and Search Console’s Speed Report. But many companies found these tools and metrics a challenge to keep up with. Thinking of that, Google’s new initiative to simplify the landscape for the developers to focus on the metrics that matter more, Google introduces Core Web Vitals.

No doubt, that Google is emphasizing the importance of Core Web Vitals over other metrics as they are critical to all web experiences.

Talking about the Core Web Vitals, they are the user experience essentials that all websites might be striving to meet! Don’t you think so?

Let’s dig in deep about the Core Web Vitals!

Google identifies the core experience of users’ needs as loading, interactivity, and visual stability.


Google SEO Specialists say that these Core Web Vitals are the subset of all web vitals. Each core web vital reflects the distinct facet of user experience that can be measured infield, and thus, reflect the real-time experience.

These Core Web Vitals apply to all web pages, can be measured by site owners, and surfaced across all Google tools.

The current set of 2020 has three aspects:

  • Largest Contentful paint (LCP) - It measures load speed, to provide a good user experience. It is said that LCP should occur in 2.5 seconds as the page starts loading.
  • First Input Delay (FID) - It measures responsiveness and helps to quantify the user’s experience as they initially try to interact with the page. It is estimated to have less than 100 milliseconds FID for good users’ experiences.
  • Cumulative layout Shifts (CLS) - It helps to measure visual stability and quantifies the amount of layout shift of the visual content page. Less than 0.1 CLS should be maintained on a visual content page.

Well, this isn’t it, to ensure that you are meeting the recommended targets for most of the users, a threshold to measure the 75 percentile of page loads, mobile segments and desktop usage is considered to be good.

We have some Top Online Marketers who are aware of the major causes hindering the scores on the metrics… They suggest that once you’ve measured the Core Web vitals, identify the areas for improvement and then work on optimizing them.

Core Web Vitals - Search Signals for Page Experience

If yes, then have a look… Let’s first study the causes that need to be optimized.

  • Largest Contentful Paint (LCP) - This metric measures the visibility of the content. The common causes of poor LCP can be slow server response time, render-blocking JavaScript or CSS, slow resource load times, or client-side rendering.
  • First Input Delay (FID) - This metric measures the first impression over the site’s interactivity and responsiveness. The major cause behind poor FID can be heavy JavaScript execution.
  • Cumulative Layout Shifts (CLS) - This metric measures the instability of the content due to layout shifts that usually don’t occur within 500ms of user input. The common causes for poor CLS can be Images, Ads, embeds, or iframes without dimensions, dynamically injected content, web fonts, actions waiting for the network response.

Does the next question arise, How to optimize them?

You can have a Best Digital Marketing Freelancer, who can guide you with the solution to optimize your pages as different queries have a different solution for an optimization. Talking of LCP, it has many causes that can render the scores as you can route your users to nearby CDN, or establish a third-party connection early to optimize the server.

Core Web Vitals Details - Freelance Digital Marketers

Likewise, to manage the heavy JavaScript execution in FID you can reduce the JavaScript execution time, or break up long tasks, or optimize your page for interaction readiness and can also use a web worker.

Similarly, for CLS you can add dimensions to your images on pages, you can avoid inserting new content over existing content, and animations can trigger layout changes, many options can solve your problem but an SEO Freelancer can ease your work by letting you know which option suits you the most also he/she can help you with implementation.

To deal with Core Web Vitals is not easy, only best can help you with this. The Freelancer Digital Marketers team can help you sail this problem. The expertise and experience of the team can help you score in the metrics.

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