According to Google search statistics, 3.5 billion searches are conducted per day. If your website ranks in the top 10 positions for relevant high volume keywords, it can fundamentally increase your leads and number of conversions.


Here, in this Case study, we are going to reveal the strategies we are using to bring and maintain our client’s brand “Weefee Go” on the first page of Google results. Also, how the paid campaigns run by us help our client to increase traffic by 42.94% in just 6 months.

Overall Results achieved For Weefee Go

Overall Results achieved For Weefee Go

  • 9 Keywords are at 1st position in Google SERP
  • 12 keywords are ranking on the first page
  • 8K+ users every month (2K+ organic users, 1.2K+social media user, 5K+ Paid Search )
  • 70% unique users
  • High performance in both organic and paid campaigns
Overall Results achieved For Weefee Go

Keywords Ranking at #1st position on SERP

Keywords Ranking at #1st position on SERP

A little Background - Weefee Go

Weefee Go — a Vietnam based company offering the latest travel pocket WiFi device that helps users to have awesome travel experience. Their devices are the best travel companion because of its fast and reliable 4G coverage in most countries. With an aim to generate recurring traffic and leads, they approached us! 

Weefee Go Logo

Goals and Objectives: The overall goal was to increase conversions via organic and paid strategies. Improve website engagement Make Weefee easily discoverable on Google Issues to resolve Weefee Go faced a challenge due to its top-searching keywords having high competition throughout. There were fewer website visits due to lower site ranking in organic search results. Strategies and Implementation # Here's the synopsis of the steps we used to achieve desired results Redesign Website to Communicate Better Brand Value SEO Friendly Content Creation Build and Execute SEO Roadmap Lead Generation Through Social Media Marketing Conversions Through Paid Campaigns Let's understand these strategies in details:

#Redesign Website to Communicate Better Brand Value

If an existing website could lack a user-centered approach, it's high time to consider a website redesign and augment it with requisite effectiveness. The website design of Weefee Go was not user-friendly and in fact, an outdated one. That's why we decided to redesign it on the Wordpress platform to create a better user experience. 

Redesign Website to Communicate Better Brand Value

#Content Creation

The main objective of Google is to give users the relevant answer and best experience for what they are looking for. For Weefee Go, we analyze that content on the web pages is not enough and hence we decided to write more useful & informational content so that it provides value, looks good, and the site performs well. At 'how it works' page, we have written systematic steps to order pocket WiFi seamlessly. People looking to order this gadget can follow these simple steps and get their pocket WiFi in no time. Also, you can find the whole guide to understand ‘how travel pocket WiFi works’.

Content Creation for Weefee Go

#Create and Execute SEO Roadmap

On-page Optimization

While performing a complete website Audit for Weefee Go, we came across some on-page issues that we knew—it could help us get some possible quick wins. We optimize meta title and description keeping in mind the targeted keywords. Use proper header tags, title tags, and image alt tags. Correct poor internal linking structure and low-quality anchor text at the website’s targeted pages. We have been doing On-page Optimization and Website Audits regularly to maintain and continue to improve rankings.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is the most important and major aspect to raise your site's rankings. It includes all activities that happen away from your website that simply tell Google what others think of you. If your brand has got a lot of valuable links, the search engine will assume that you've got great content that provides value for users. Here are the off-page processes we performed to deliver whooping results- High-quality Content Posting & Promotion Link Building—here quality matters, not quantity! Choose good domains related to your niche. To achieve results, we use multiple processes to build quality backlinks to the target pages which include article submission, blog directory submission, press release and document sharing, social bookmarking, profile creation, image sharing, web 2.0 submission, and classified ads posting. Although it takes some time to deliver results, it stands out for longer. 

Off-page SEO Technique

Audio content promotion Audio submission helps to achieve high rankings of keywords in Search Engines and indeed, induce more visitors to your business site. It’s a great option to capture an audience who doesn’t read content usually due to lack of interest and time. Also, audios are useful to target mobile audiences because they can easily access audio clips while on the go. Since the beginning, we have been creating attractive audios, containing all the necessary information about travel pocket WiFi and submitting it on high-quality audio submission sites. Video Submissions Video Submissions is the most appealing way to engage the target audience. So, we put extra efforts to create engaging videos and navigate to famous video submission sites. Business Listing Business Listing is among the best ways to improve overall online reputation, rankings, and revenue. Under this, we have to add our business name, place, phone number, and website link as a backlink. We choose various search directories including Yelp and Foursquare to list Weefee Go. This process helps us improve the website traffic and indeed, enhance our client's visibility on the Internet.

#Lead generation through Social Media Marketing

Using social media platforms to connect with the audience is the trendy practice used by myriads of businesses to build their brand, increase sales, and drive relevant website traffic. To improve our client's online presence via Social Media, we follow the below-mentioned steps- Make posts that can create a buzz on social media. Write appealing content with proper #hashtags Then, schedule posts for times when the audience is most active & monitor what is happening. Create custom reports to analyze the performance of the posts. Have a look at the snapshot of a social media post created and published by us on Facebook! 

Lead generation through Social Media Marketing

Here are the results of social media campaigns Weefee Go has achieved: 

Lead generation through Social Media Marketing

#Conversions through Paid Campaigns

The smartest choice for many, Paid campaigns provides businesses the opportunity to advertise their product within the sponsored listings of the search engine. Advertisers pay Google only when someone actually clicks their ads. Paying for every click—it might sound like you’ll end up paying a lot, but it's not true! We are experts in running well-designed, result-driven campaigns that will deliver impressive paid search results for your brand. Along with the organic SEO process, we also executed a paid marketing strategy to enhance the revenue of our client. Search Ads & campaigns Advertising with Google Ads begins with creating a campaign. Search ads typically have higher conversion rates that’s why we're currently running Two Search Ads & Campaigns for Weefee Go to extract maximum bang for their buck. Display Ads & campaigns This ads-type is a great way to bring your brand in front of potential customers who don’t know your brand yet. Unlike search ads, it has nothing to do with searching on a search engine platform. Here are the Clicks and impressions achieved through Search & Display Ads campaigns for Weefee Go- 

Conversions through Paid Campaigns

Key takeaways-

We tailor the strategy for each project based on the initial analysis and audit. We never believe in a 'one-size-fits-all' strategy. SEO strategies are a great way to take your business to the next level, however, it's a long term game, so anyone who is willing to invest the time and resources will get a compounding return out of this organic practice. To achieve results in the short run, you should choose social media or paid marketing to attain your business objectives.

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