Case Study- Issam Hourani

Overview & Achievements

People view the Internet as their first source of information and also, believe this information to be true. No one can deny this truth! 85% of customers read and trust online reviews before entering any online transaction. Therefore, if you’ve ever googled yourself or your business and find negative comments or information, it’s high time to Hire Digital Marketing Expert for Online Reputation Management.

Online Reputation Management means crafting strategies that influence public perception of an organization or individual and ensure viewers find the right materials when they look for you on the Internet. I’ve managed the online reputation of many executives from different industries. This case focuses on a prominent businessman (Issam Hourani) from Lebanon who approached me to improve his online reputation.

I've created several vigorous strategies for my client and as a result, out of three, one negative URL was suppressed down and two negative URLs were removed from Search engine result pages in about 6 months. Also, the first page of Google is populated by positive information and resources.

Here’s the screenshot of the first page of Google results showing all positive URLs-

 Issam Hourani Google results showing all positive

About the Client

Born on June 13, 1967, Issam Hourani is a multi-millionaire Entrepreneur and a Chairperson of the Hourani group. In 2014, he was alleged to be involved in the death of Anastasiya Novikova, who was found dead on June 19, 2004, under mysterious circumstances. But during the proceedings, his counsel, Heather Rogers QC, was able to disclose that his client has no relation not only in the death of Russian TV star but also in money laundering, rape, torture, and kidnapping. All allegations against Mr. Hourani were untenable

This entire campaign had a devastating effect on Issam’s personal and professional life and had tarnished his reputation, causing a major business deal to collapse. That’s why the client entrusted me with the task of sprucing up his online reputation through fully optimized, comprehensive ORM solutions so that he is able to achieve his ambitious plans for the future.

Goals & objectives

  • Suppressing or removing negative URLs from Google results
  • Dominating the first page with positive and reliable information
  • Establishing Mr. Issam Hourani as an enthusiastic businessman on the business landmark of Kazakhstan.


When people were searching for his name, two negative links showed up on the first page and one on the second page of Google. In fact, to make the matter worse, many bloggers, business rivals, and others seeking to worsen his online reputation post their opinion on negative websites. As a result, negative URLs continued to rank higher on the SERP.

As an SEO Freelancer, I invested enough time to analyze the case and prepare a robust plan to achieve my client’s objectives.

Work Approach

To improve my client’s online reputation, I had implemented various solutions to push down the rankings of negative URLs on the SERP. Let’s have a look at the process

  • Focused on Promoting Positive Content
    I wrote valuable content for my client and published it on high-authority blog posting sites. By doing so, I was able to dominate the first page with relevant and well-thought content.

    Have a look at one of the submissions posted by me on Tumblr-
Issam Hourani, submissions posted by me on Tumblr-
  • Image Sharing
    Sharing images on the top image sharing sites will make your images rank higher on the SERP. I performed this process for my client ‘Issam Hourani’ to improve and promote his positive image.

Here’s the snap of image sharing on Pinterest

Issam Hourani, snap of image sharing on Pinterest

Work Reports and Collaboration

Being one of the Top Online Marketers, I believe in complete transparency and accountability. That’s why on a weekly basis, I shared a detailed report mentioning the work status and progress with my client. Few points I had mentioned in the report-

  • Ranking Status of negative URLs
  • Ranking status of positive images and profile
  • Content Submission status

Key Takeaways-

Online Reputation Management strategies implemented by me were proved to be the best to improve my client’s online reputation.

Being one of the Best Digital Marketing Freelancers, I am always ready to provide professional support to my clients in building a positive image and managing negative reviews and emergency cases.

You can contact me if you want to build a positive image of your brand or you in-person