Case Study- How I Pulled 5 Highly-Competitive Keywords On Rank #1

Like you, I’m too skeptical of remarks that claim:

“Achieve Rank #1 for any keyword in just 7 days!”

I always believed it is nearly impossible to win a top SERP position only in a few days, especially in such a competitive market. 

But what if I tell you, it is possible, not in seven days or something, but for sure in 10 months.

I did it!

Keyword rank on 1st position - Freelance Digital Marketers

With the most competent 3-step process, I helped my client, Lead Social, bring 5 most competitive keywords in the first position and 5 competitive keywords in the second position in Google SERP, that too in just 10 months!

Too wondrous to be true? But it is!

Check out the results here:

Keywords Ranking Lead Social - Freelance Digital Marketers
Keywords Competition Lead Social - Freelance Digital Markters

Convincing now? Let’s learn the strategy, content creation process, and, most importantly, promotion tactics I used to get on Page One.

Let’s move step-by-step to gulp better!

About Lead Social & Strategy I Used

Lead Social is a UK-based social media marketing agency specializing in helping innovative and disruptive businesses scale fast using various social media platforms.

Lead Social Website - Freelance Digital Marketers

When I first went through the website, it was less visible digitally and was not SEO-friendly, even being a great brand.

I worked to improve their online visibility by ranking the targeted highly competitive keywords (in Crore) in top positions.

And as they already had a great website, I started making their website SEO-friendly to gain better results.  

Since the keywords were highly competitive (as mentioned above in crores), I needed to find a unique but result-oriented strategy throughout. 

I first performed on-page, off-page optimization to make the site SEO-friendly, crafted centered & to-the-point content for a website that would help uniquely convey the right message. Moreover, I posted guest blogs on useful websites and worked for high authority backlink creation to position the brand as an industry authority.

Let’s learn each step in detail. 

Step #1: SEO Friendly Website Optimization

It is no secret that you need to make the website SEO Friendly; you need to optimize it with winning SEO strategies and make it deserving ultimately. That’s what I did. 

Beginning with keyword research, I performed on-page SEO, following with off-page SEO for the website, and made sure that Google loves the website before the audience does.  

  1. Keyword Research

Researching keywords is always the number one step to take in the SEO process. So I used keyword research tools, found keywords for organizing the website and enhancing the user experience. Additionally, I focused on specific keywords with high search volume to out-rank competitors and gained better results.

  1. On-Page SEO

We all know common on-page SEO practices are required for any project as it includes optimizing title tags, content, internal links, and URLs. So using both content and metadata, mainly Title Tags and the Meta Descriptions, I optimized each page in the website and made them more search engine, mobile friendly. This all basically helped me to obtain organic traffic and enhance a website’s rankings in the SERP.

On Page Implementation - Freelance Digital Marketers
Mobile Usability Lead Social - Freelance Digital Marketers
  1. Off-Page SEO

When I wanted to tell search engines that my client’s website is essential to others on the web, Off-page SEO was the only way. Besides, I knew having links (inbound, outbound links) on a website could just increase the chance of ranking on the first page on Google, so I worked on the same and earned inbound links from websites that are authoritative by the search engines. 

Step #2: Unique Content Creation / Syndication 

As the next step of my plan, I created appealing content and ranked it for the targeted keywords. 

Apart from writing catchy website content, I also wrote Guest blogs, posted them for a website with higher domain authority & syndicated them later to the parent website. Publishing the best-performing pieces of content on websites with higher domain authority was my primary punch regarding content syndication.

Guest Blogging Lead Social - Freelance Digital Marketers

Guest Blogging

Benefits I Earned:

  • First and foremost, better rankings on search engine results.
  • Reputation as industry expert and authority.
  • More consumers are convinced to do business with my client.

Most importantly, I ensured that my content is strategically planned, relevant, and 100% unique to compete with the leaders in the industry as this is the only way to stand out from the crowd (and even Google reward for that).

I knew that I had to build quality backlinks to reach the #1 position. So, worked heavily on this for days and days and have built a significant number of links from unique referring domains & IPs.

Some of the paths I used for creating high authority backlinks are:

Niche Link Submission - Freelance Digital Marketers

Niche Relevant Backlinks

Blog Submission Lead Social - Freelance Digital Marketers

Blog/ Article/ PR

PDF Sharing Lead Social - Freelance Digital Marketers

PDF Sharing

PPT Sharing Lead Social - Freelance Digital Marketers

PPT Sharing

Video Sharing Lead Social - Freelance Digital Marketers

Video Sharing

Audio Sharing Lead Social - Freelance Digital Marketers

Audio Sharing

Image Sharing Lead Social - Freelance Digital Marketers

Image Sharing

Citations Lead Social - Freelance Digital Marketers


Besides, I used the broken link building method for creating backlinks and replaced links to 404 pages with a working target page link. As I browsed around sites in the niche, I used Check My Links and uncovered a handful of broken links to use.

Moreover, I researched competitors and looked for their link-building or earning techniques to earn better backlinks. You can use several tools to check for backlinks of your competitors, such as Monitor Backlinks, Backlink Gap -Semrush, etc.

Enjoy the Achievements...

Overall, these steps are majorly what I followed, and Within ten months of our outreach efforts, I made my client ranking in the top positions.

Of course, your results might differ. But if you follow all of the steps above, it’s not impossible to imagine similar rankings for any project.

The hardest part is correctly doing outreach for guest blogging and creative quality backlinks. Creating unique content and then promoting it well is all you need. Get expertise in this part, and you’ll see better outcomes.

Cherish Your Success!!