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Instagram Reels, both watching and creating, is a relatively new feature but rapidly becoming a favorite pastime for every second person.

Reels are where you create and edit 15-second video clips to engage your audience. Most service-based businesses enhance their reach by making appealing clips to show their personality and generate authority in their niche.

In all, these days, reels are considered fun, brand-awareness-based content that plays a crucial role in business marketing strategies.

However, you need great ideas with a larger strategy so that you can see results from your efforts.

Looking for such ideas? Let's dive in to find some of the great ones. 

But before that, here's why to invest time in Instagram reels for marketing purposes.

Benefits of making instagram reels for business

Why Invest in Instagram Reels?

It is exceptional how Social media has played a role in transforming the buying "funnel" into more of a "web" of various places people use to find about products and services. Today, Instagram is one of the most preferred, growing social platforms, with billions of monthly active users and 500 million daily users. The stats say how easy it is to find potential customers on this channel. And reels are a new way to pull people towards your brand and reach a wider audience. They're an absolute growth hack right now.

What makes the video feature more worth is, it is available in the United States and 50 other countries, including the U.K, Brazil,  India,  Germany, France, Australia, and Japan. Plus, Instagram has a broader audience than TikTok as TikTok is banned in many countries. This is one reason Instagram has been downloaded more than 1.8B times globally. 

Again, you need better ideas to beat your competitors, already doing reels and winning viewers on a daily basis. Take a look at the concepts you can use for the best returns.  

* Display Your Products Creatively

Sure, you can't link products directly to the Instagram Reels; still, you can highlight what you have to offer. You can create a Reel showcasing your products and their qualities in some artistic ways. 

Like you can display how your product will add comfort to your customers' daily routine. Also, you can use the caption to let your followers know all the features of your product. Those hundreds of thousands of views on your every Reel will give you a significant number of leads and 'ultimately' conversions.

* Make a Tutorial

Another best way to catch viewers' eyes is to create quick, easy-to-digest, and actionable tutorials and splash them on Reels.

Like, if you are a business coach, you can share top tips on how to find your niche. Or, if you have impressive makeup skills, you can give your followers a short and sweet lip-liner tutorial. Or, if you are in the travel industry, you can attract followers by showing them how to edit their vacation photos with a lightroom tutorial. 

The options are unlimited. You can find based on your industry type and provide your audience with value and build up the required trust factor among them. You can approach a social media expert to find out what works best for your industry!  

* Take Old Posts and Convert them into Reels

Most social media specialists prefer repurposing older posts to create their 15-30 second clips for Instagram reels. For instance, if you just recently had a business trip or have some pictures from a job you just performed, you can combine all those and can create an impressive clip.

* Answer to Queries your Customers Ask Through Reels

You might not be able to imagine how much content you will come up with just by answering questions from your clients' regular queries. This is because everyone does have some questions, but not all ask. Hence, if your Reel covers any single person's queries, you got that one customer for sure. 

* Share Client Testimonials & Success Tales

The best of all is showing how much people admire your products/services already. Have some of your clients do 15 to 20-second clips on how much they love doing business with you and share them on reels. Reviews in video content like Reels can perform well and can attract more people for you. 

Take Away Message

So, now with the above ideas, you can make Reels and earn what you are missing out till now.

Still, not sure about how to do that? 

Hire me! I am an experienced SMM freelancer ready to handle it all for you. Being in the industry, I know how to make reels and what ideas work best for which industries; I can assist you with my Instagram skills to make the most out of it. Get in touch today!

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