About Vaibhav Bhargava

‘A calm mind paves the path of success,’ and Vaibhav is the perfect example of this. As a technical SEO expert, he knows the industry well and understands the dynamics also. With the concept of learning with every update, he has set a benchmark in the competing online field.

Breaking the several opinions, Vaibhav has proved that mindfulness makes you more creative and effective in your job. Vaibhav is an amusing personality who never misses a chance to enjoy the pace. However, his strength is to revive the inner beauty and strength of the human body through meditation.

Focus, leadership skills, clear-headed strategy, and superior decision-making are key factors to success, and Vaibhav has earned them throughout his journey of 10 years as a freelance SEO specialist. His habit of clearing his mind on a daily basis gives him the utmost opportunity to keep it straight with business and personnel. His game plan for gaining big results is to keep the mind fully aware, fully awake, and fully alive.

Vaibhav is skilled in managing the roller coaster ride of online marketing with its high-grade approach to understanding the business. In a large field of SEO, he has hands-on from basics to expertise in technical SEO. With his outbound and unique strategies for every business, he has successfully completed 300+ projects with a success rate of 90%. From 360 audits to analyzing your competitors, he knows which direction is best for the business.

Vaibhav believes that a good shape of mind and body can lead the road. With his dedication, he aspires to clear the dark clouds and welcomes the morning shine in both his personal and professional life.