5 Great Ways to Use Social Media for Boosting Website Traffic and Backlinks

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  • 5 Great Ways to Use Social Media for Boosting Website Traffic and Backlinks

In the world of Marketing, a common mistake that is often made by the freshers is that they separate social media marketing from search engine optimization. 

Well! Social media is said to be an excellent place for your backlinking strategy;  more activity on your posts is a good sign, as google picks up these signals! When you intertwine your social media tactics with your SEO strategies, it gives you a well-balanced approach and further helps you gain traffic.

However, keep in mind that there is no one such strategy or formula to boost website traffic and backlinks unless you have a Social Media Marketing Expert on your side!... But no much panic is required. Because there are still some ways you can try to make more traffic and backlinks.

Wanna know about it?  Let’s read on.

These below-mentioned strategies will act as guidelines for you to blend your social media marketing strategy into SEO efforts.

The Ultimate 5 Ways to Boost Website Traffic and Backlinks

1. Social sharing helps to strengthen your backlinks: 

The link Building concept is pretty simple, as you want these links to be a source with high authority as possible. Simply, getting a link into the influential post of the same niche will get you more traffic hence it will get noticed under Google Algorithms.

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As Neil Patel guides us by his saying: “A quality backlink is a link that comes from a high domain authority website that is well-trusted by search engines and searchers alike.”

A high-authority website helps us to reinforce backlinking through social media marketing.

And not to forget! A blog shared on social media can gain a lot of attention. On the other hand, sharing social media links is also a good idea! More engagement on the post leads to more traffic on the website.

For implementing this, you can hire an experienced SMM Expert as they can guide you better, how social media posting boosts the authority, and also affects the quality of your backlinks.

2. Focus on building strong partnerships:

A leader/influencer sharing your content can have a great impact on your social media sharings as it will increase the positive brand image. Plus, with his help, one can also build a connection with fans and followers, non-competitive brands, and organic partnerships with influencers.

Social Media Marketing - Building Strong Partnerships - Freelance Digital Marketers

You can even connect with bloggers and influencers of the industry that are related to your brand to increase your followers and traffic on the website.

For help, you may Hire Social Media Marketer as he/she will help you connect with organic influencers who’ll truly believe your brand and will promote it.

3. Content Optimization:

Social Media SEO is a point where social media marketing and search engine optimization meets. And it won't be wrong to say that content is the key to get noticed on social media.

Content Optimization - Freelance Digital Marketers

However, to do that you need to develop SEO friendly content with relatable and right keywords. It can help to grab the attention of the readers. Make sure you focus on the keywords you used in website page bio, on your social media platforms as social media channels have their different search engines.

4. Brand value plays an important role when linking back to your website:

Your brand should reflect the authoritativeness of your content. For this purpose, you can create detailed and heavy research posts in your blog section, share high-quality content, and can further interact on the social platforms via engagement on the post.

Another thing you can do is interact on other blogs not only with the author but also with his followers. This way you can create more followers for your brand.

Again, you can Hire Social Media Freelancer for your help as he/she can help you draft content around topics that can grab the attention of the readers. For instance, awareness of an important issue in society can also inspire more clicks or you can also highlight the social causes or topics to drag attention as this all will help you create more links for your website which will further lead to more traffic.

5. Engaging Local Communities on Social Media:

"Be vocal for local" is our new trend! No wonder, many times we miss important stuff that is trending in the local. Well, it may not create an impact worldwide but can surely grab more attention and can easily promote our brand on local grounds.

Hire Social Media Freelancers - Freelance Digital Marketers

For this, you can interview a local influencer or celebrity and can share it on your social media platforms, it will definitely create more engagement. You can even organize live events and share on social media for more participation.

The Bottom Line

All, these points suggest that when social media marketing and search engine optimization strategies are combined, your traffic doubles. However, at the same time, promotions get complicated. Hence, only great freelancers like the Freelancer Digital Marketers team can help you. They will help you implement these strategies, with their experience and skills to sail the complication and at last, will boost your traffic and backlinks.

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