4 PPC Tactics to Earn Maximum ROI For Your Business in 2020

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  • 4 PPC Tactics to Earn Maximum ROI For Your Business in 2020

For years, marketers are using PPC Techniques to attain maximum ROI. But have you ever thought that what different you should try now to stay ahead of your competition? We can help you here. Yes, we have listed the top 4 trends to make your PPC campaigns super-efficient in 2020.

However, before learning the PPC Tactics, it will be great to have a closer look at what PPC means. So let’s begin with a brief about PPC,  following up with PPC strategies your business needs to try in 2020.

About PPC 

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising model that helps marketers to display ads on any ad platform and pay the host of that platform every time the ad is clicked.

The purpose behind every PPC ad is to lead the person viewing it to click through to the advertiser’s website or app.

Most times, people use Search engines to show the ads as they are incredibly popular advertising platforms. Because Search engines enable us to display ads that are relevant based on users’ search queries.

4 PPC Tactics to Earn Maximum ROI For Your Business in 2020

4 Excellent  PPC Tactics to Try in 2020

If you want your PPC strategies to remain effective in the coming years, all you need is to evolve. Here the term ‘evolve’ signifies the way to think about things somewhat differently than others.

And, if your method isn’t advanced already, then here are 4 tactics you can try this year, in no particular order, and achieve most of all.

1. Choose the Target Audience

Google Ads offers one of the latest and best features, i.e., the ability to add target audiences. It enables you to decide who all you want to see your ads. So, why not just take advantage of this feature and get the most out of your ad budget.

The feature to add target audience enables one to categorize, for whom the product is best, like a particular age group, gender, household income, etc. One can also set ad preferences to bifurcate audiences if you don’t think your service benefits everyone. Like, if you are trying to sell fine jewelry, you can exclude people with fewer incomes as there are high chances that they will be less likely to spend big bucks on earrings or necklaces.

Another latest yet best Google Ads update that helps advertisers, is the ability to layer audiences on top of each other. This means, to create extremely relevant ads, one can use keyword targeting and demographic targeting together and can achieve better results.

2. Advancement of Smart Bidding

Smart Bidding - 4 PPC Tactics to Earn Maximum ROI For Your Business in 2020

Those who are not aware of Smart Bidding, it is machine learning-controlled automated bidding system. Simply, these systems use machine learning to optimize conversions and conversion values in auctions. Some of the examples comprise Enhanced Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Target Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), and Target Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA).

Since we are moving into 2020, smart bidding is set to become more advanced, also the strategies utilizing it are going to become more powerful. 

3. Target the Audience at Life Events

Those who have ever run Direct Response campaigns are very well aware that reaching potential customers can be very critical. Not only now but even in the pre-digital days, it was critical to its performance.

For instance, if you’ve ever gotten a mortgage, you’ve probably received a huge number of offers. And the major reason behind that – data shows it’s effective.

Similarly, to get a huge number of offers, Google Ads enables you to run promotions for specific “life events” on but a limited basis right now. We are calling it limited because:

a. Only restricted to life events such as:

  • College graduation
  • Marriage
  • Moving

b.  Currently, only available for Gmail and YouTube campaigns.

Google Ads launched such targeting capabilities in the last couple of years and most likely it will get expanded as a targeting layer for additional events and platforms as well.

4. Evolution of Voice Search

Evolution of Voice Search

We all know personal assistant speakers in Smart homes, such as the Google Home or Alexa Dot, have taken off in a big way. According to reports, around 50% of all online searches will be initiated by voice by the end of 2020.

You may say that Paid voice search advertising hasn’t yet made it to the mainstream, but soon we will see these advancements to emerge due to a rise in technological changes.

Hence, adopting a more conversational tone on your website can be a good way to get ahead of the game. While making voice searches, people are getting more conversational nowadays, which means it will improve your chances of a hit for sure. 

Also, to set yourself up for voice search success, try updating FAQ pages on your website using ‘long-tail’ keywords and attain huge benefits.

The Takeaway

Well, we have learned 4 hottest PPC Tactics to try in 2020. But don’t forget you will need a PPC Expert to implement all such tactics, with more proficiency and skills. And, here you can find one. Yes, I, as your PPC Expert, can help you get the copious benefits for your venture.

So If you want me to help you taking advantage of these PPC Strategies, Contact Me today, I am happy to help!

Try All And Make This 2020, The Biggest For You!

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