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4 Amazing SEO Tips You Might Have Ignored Earlier

Do you ignore some SEO tips just because they are too common or too old? If yes, here I am gathering excellent SEO tips you might have missed but are worth using.

Of course, SEO is evolving day by day. The tips and strategies which were important 5 years ago may not be considered anymore.

But you know what, among all such old strategies, there are still some tactics that can be beneficial or worth using even now. 

Like they say, "Old is Gold."

This famous saying is applicable in digital marketing too. 

However, I am not talking about all the old tricks but some amazing SEO tips you might have ignored earlier, either because they are old, very common, or simply not known to you.

So, today, without wasting any more time, I am sharing phenomenal tips you must follow to get the most out of your SEO campaigns.

Let's learn what they are.

amazing seo tips

1. Focus on Google's EAT Principles

EAT is not any new algorithm but an old concept in Google's Search Quality Guidelines.

Earlier, Google has confirmed, 

"content quality is a must for ranking on search engine results". 

But then the question arises that what does "quality" refer to Google?  

Well, it's simple, content that fulfills the Google EAT principle will rank higher. And EAT is an acronym for; expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. With these 3 elements, Google determines if a web page has top-quality content and delivers only the best results to its users. 

For instance, one of the famous algorithms, Google Panda, ranks a website based on content quality. It even rejects web pages from the index that have duplicate and low-quality content. 

Another example is RankBrain, an algorithm that uses AI to interpret search queries that the users look for on Google.

So, when you search for a fruit shake, you will also get results for fruit shake recipes on the search engine results. 

That means, with your every query, RankBrain and Google panda together send spiders to crawl websites and further show the high-quality but most relevant search results content on the top of search engines' result page.

2. Use Audio & Video content, Search Engines Prefer It

Even audio and video content is nothing new, but now it has become a preferred content format among web users and can significantly impact SEO.

According to reports, a site with a video on the homepage or both videos and podcasts in its blog posts is more likely to show up on the Google search results, too, on the first page!

This does not mean you don’t need blog posts; they have their own significance. 

But if you are still using traditional blogs only without any touch or podcasts or video posts, you are losing for sure. 

But again, be thoughtful about using keywords in the video's title, tags, and description while publishing video and audio content. This way, even if the user is not explicitly looking for video content, searches will return your video.

3. Make Landing Pages SEO Friendly

It is one of the most critical SEO optimization tips. Without a certified, user-friendly landing page, digital marketing is incomplete.

The reason is when it comes to improving your SEO, building your brand, and driving traffic, a landing page plays an important role. It can also be a crucial part of PPC strategy. 

Studies suggest that approximately 68% of B2B businesses utilize landing pages to produce leads for conversion.

So, all you need to do is make it SEO-friendly. And, the first step to it is to make it mobile-friendly.

We all know that that mobile is used excessively by everyone, and most of the time, users browse websites on their mobile devices. So it is crucial to have a landing page that is easily accessible on mobile devices as well. 

Moreover, you need to focus on the page load time, design, and CTA of the website. That means page load time should be good, the design should be minimalistic, and must have a clear and simple call-to-action.

Keep in mind that the more clarity your landing pages deliver on usefulness and usability, the better it is performance-wise, both in terms of lead generation and Google ranking. 

4. Build Authoritative/Quality Backlinks

Back in 2016, Google announced that building quality links is one of their top 3 ranking signals.

 And Google considers backlinks to be a key ranking signal even after various changes to Google's search algorithm and ranking system. 

Google identifies backlinks as votes of confidence.

That means if your web pages have a significant number of backlinks, it increases your chances of ranking higher in search results.

But wait, now it's time to focus on quality but not quantity.

Yes, to boost your chances of ranking higher for your target keywords, you should concentrate all your efforts on building high-quality backlinks.

Here are a few useful strategies to will increase the number of quality links pointing back to your website:

  • Promote your blogs/videos/podcasts on social media platforms
  • Opt for influencer marketing and guest blogging
  • Leverage social media platforms for advertising 
  • Use online forums to reach out to your intended audience 
  • Draw your target audience by offering them engaging content

I Can help…

Being in the digital marketing industry, I am aware of more search engine optimization tips that can help you leverage the results you miss out on for a long time.

If you need any help with SEO strategies to follow to achieve better, I will answer your queries. We can even communicate directly without any third person in the middle. 

Let's talk about your SEO needs today!  

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