Why Should You Start Using Video in Your Social Media Right Now?

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  • Why Should You Start Using Video in Your Social Media Right Now?

With the debut of YouTube in 2005, videos started to appear as a popular content choice. The video-sharing platform enabled users to explore self-produced content, bringing a new era of self-appointed influencers. No wonder YouTube proved that anything or anyone could "go viral" on the Internet. 

The major shift in video marketing occurred when Facebook and Instagram started live videos, stories, and reels. 

And now, this has been a full-on video revolution year, especially for marketers. 

According to HubSpot statistics, around 86% of businesses use video as their marketing asset. Besides that, 93% of marketers who prefer video marketing say that it's a crucial part of their marketing strategy. The trend is actually fueled by 83% of businesses who say video marketing gives them a good ROI.

In all, videos are progressing quickly and will reach new heights sooner than we imagine. 

Well, if these stats are not convincing enough for you, let's walk through the reasons stating why using video in your social media is like nourishing your brand.  

Video in Your Social Media

1. You Make The Most of Trending Topics

As the stats showed, many businesses are already using video marketing, so what can you do to make the most out of it? Well, it’s imperative to deliver appropriate content to increase your audience. 

Some of the greatest brands utilize real-time ways to become a part of the social conversation. They link thier videos to the latest trends. You can do so, too, while creating campaigns to spark conversation.

Using popular hashtags on a weekly basis (such as #TuesdayThought) or based on trends can span across a range of consumer demographics. 

If you do marketing keeping such points in mind, it can help your brand move quickly to take advantage of social platforms.

2. It Can Reach People Across Various Platforms

Sure, producing quality video content may be more time-consuming than posting an image, but once done, it can be easily used to reach different audiences across various platforms.

Better reach is equal to a better return on investment.

Many influencers and brands are doing the same thing successfully on Instagram and TikTok Reels, as both platforms have the same 9:16 format and similar purposes.

Besides, 16:9 videos can be easily shared across YouTube, IGTV, Facebook, and — with each of these platforms being suited to slightly longer-form content.

In all, by considering repurposing your video content, you can leverage more. For instance, you can use your short videos for Instagram Stories on  Instagram Feed videos, Pinterest Video Pins, which are often the perfect format for Instagram Live broadcasts and Facebook, and can now be automatically shared to IGTV.

That means opportunities are limitless!

3. Mobile Users Enjoy Videos

It is commonly known how mobile video consumption is on the rise. Video is among the popular content that the audience enjoys online, and mobile is the favored medium for its consumption.

Roughly 75% of video views come only from mobile devices. Plus, the rate of video sharing with other users is way too high on mobile devices.

Make sure if you want to make the most out of videos, you need to optimize them for desktop and mobile too. Right now, you will see how the vertical video format is now dominating social channels from TikTok and Instagram to Snapchat.

Apart from the format, using subtitles and captions is important for mobile videos as many viewers prefer to watch them without music. Also, it makes your content available to people with hearing disabilities, hence encourages its inclusivity.

The best part is, you can add appealing CTAs (calls to action) to make the audience know what you want them to do next.

4. Google Adores Videos

Videos enable you to enhance the time spent by visitors on your website. Hence, more prolonged exposure builds trust and signals search engines that your site has good content. If you have a video embedded on your website, it is more likely to show up first on Google. As Google now owns YouTube, there has been a notable increase in how videos affect your SEO rank.

Well, make sure to optimize your videos for SEO if you want to become a favorite of Google.  Write engaging titles and descriptions. You can add a link back to your products and services or complete the website. If you don't have much time to deal with it, you can hire a professional SMM freelancer for your video marketing needs.

It will help you give potential consumers the way to take the next step and increase traffic to your site. 

The Right Time to Start Video Marketing is Now...

Aren't these reasons enough to understand that now is the time to leverage the power of video to build your brand, double down on the effort?

Video on social media is an excellent way to better connect with your existing and target customers during this time. 

But the point is you need to be consistent with this practice to see the positive results. And there are chances that you have other jobs to do so you won’t be able to do this regularly. Well, why worry when you can hire an expert for your help. 

Yes, you can simply find an experienced SEO or SMM specialist for your video marketing needs. They are experienced in how to use captivating captions to engage more and more targeted audiences. Also, they do find the relevant platform according to your brand to make sure you reach potential customers.

So, if you are looking for an expert, I can help. Reach me today to know how my video marketing skills can help you. Let’s talk!

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