Case Study: 5-Step Process to Bring Site in Top-10 Google positions

Do you want to learn how to bring a website ‘UP’ in the google listing, especially when it does not have strong brand visibility out there? In this case study, you're going to learn the finest 5-step process we used to get our client, Pinjam Wifi, in the top 10 positions in Google, outranking big name brands, and increased organic traffic 33.64% and paid traffic 71.37%, in just 6 months!

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Astounding stats, right? So, here we are going to walk through the process, how we built a site’s SEO strategy from the ground up — growing from few visitors to double (with 100% rate)— and share key takeaways that you can implement on your own projects to get optimum results. Let’s swoop into the case study.

Table of Contents

  • Overview & Results
  • Issues To Resolve
  • Procedure to Solve Issues
  • Step #1: SEO Friendly Website Redesign
  • Step #2: Content Creation/Promotion
  • Step #3: Backlinks Creation
  • Step #4: Lead Generation through Organic Promotions
  • Step #5: Lead Generation through Paid Campaigns
  • Key Takeaways

Issues To Resolve

Today’s case study features Pinjam Wifi, a platform that offers the best portable WiFi rental services, pocket-sized WiFi hotspot rental devices in more than 120 countries.

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A little background.

When we first went through the website, it was not up to date with the Search engine guidelines, not responsive, not user-friendly, less visible digitally, even being a big brand in its targeted geography.

We started helping Pinjam Wifi to increase its online growth to reach a more high-quality audience.

To do this, they first needed website revamping to find a way to generate recurring traffic and leads.

We were contracted to help with this assignment.

We knew we needed to perform on-page, off-page optimization, build an SEO strategy, centered & to-the-point content that would help generate long-term exposure, position the brand as an authority in the industry, capture leads, and ultimately convert those leads to conversions.

Procedure to Solve Issues

You're going to learn the precise and the same process we used to create click-through content, outrank global brands and deliver thousands of targeted visitors to the client's websites. The procedure works with any niche but only if similar outcomes are desirable. And is devised to enhance your effort-to-reward ratio by targeting keywords that are comparatively easier to rank for. The general outline of our strategy was: Improve Website according to Search Engine Guidelines. Create rational content to make its impact on search. Focus on Keyword Ranking & Backlinks Creation to get referral traffic. Perform Organic promotions to connect more potential customers. Create Paid Campaigns to amplify click-rate. You might be thinking: “that’s so simple.” And you’re right: it’s not an intricate process, and that’s the beauty of it! Let's dive in...

Step #1: SEO Friendly Website Redesign

It is an incredibly important step to make a website SEO friendly, as only that way a search engine crawl each page on the website efficiently, interpret the content effectively, and index it in their database. No doubt that designers and web developers rarely care about SEO guidelines before creating any site. And that becomes a flaw further. Hence to optimize the website, we implemented world-class on-page & Off-page SEO techniques; as such factors are the chief elements of a webpage that influence search engine ranking.

Few Optimization Strategies we followed:


1. Conducted keyword research, selected the right keywords and topics, and used them in appropriate places on the page.

2. Use header tags, title tags, image alt tags, and the meta description tag properly.

3. Created optimized URL structures for users and search engines.

4. Constructed an internal link structure, information architecture, and navigation that leads the search engines to crawl the website efficiently, effectively and aligns with your user’s expectations.

5. Made engaging content that can be further used to earn inbound links during off-page optimization strategies.

6. To captivate people used multiple types of content such as images, listicles, videos, and text.

7. Designed the website accordingly to make it visually appealing and has a consistent look and feel while representing your brand.

8. Made website design a responsive one that offers a great experience across devices.

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1. Analyzed the competition to better understand their strategies to use and rank in the search results.

2. Put keyword-rich anchor text in the inbound links.

3. Earned inbound links from websites that are considered authoritative by the search engines.

4. Earned links to content deep within your website.

So, when you are trying to make any website SEO friendly, try such steps as these will add value to the website experience, or will make it ready for better user experience, and greatly help businesses achieve their online marketing goals. And, the results we received:

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Step #2: Content Creation/Promotion

As mentioned above creating intriguing content as per SEO guidelines is one crucial step to make website SEO Optimized. Publishing useful content for your audience is always a sound strategy, but by being intentional and strategic about the content you publish, you can always take it a step further. We keep a relentless focus on SEO while creating content for every page. While we were writing website content for our client we kept several things in our mind, like: - Ways to make it to-the-point - Use pictorials to explain well - Insert in-text links for easy navigation (where required) - More in-depth - More up-to-date - Provides a better user experience - Actionable - Listicle - Make it click-through For example, when we explained how the device works, we used a pictorial representation:

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But creating content is not all, you will also need to promote it on several social media platforms. So, to reach more and more audiences, use your content well on platforms like Quora, Facebook, etc or you can also share your off-page content for promotions.

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Step #3: Backlinks Creation

According to one study, it is found that the number of domains linking to a page correlated with high rankings more than any other factor:

And this graph shows the impact of backlinks on rankings. Hence if we wanted to reach the #1 position, we knew that we had to build quality backlinks. So, we focused heavily on this for days and days. And have built 1.6k links from almost 25 unique referring domains and 34 referring IPs.

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All of these metrics are higher than any other result in the SERP and are the main reason why our client ranked in the top spot. We used several ways to Earn or Build Backlinks to the clients’ Website:

a. The broken-link building The broken-link building method worked perfectly for us to create one-way backlinks. First, you need to find relevant websites in your niche that have resources pages, especially to use the broken-link method. By using the following search queries, you can find them in Google: your keyword + links keywords inurl:links your keywords + resources Other than that you can easily find broken links on those pages, by downloading and installing the Google Chrome plugin known as Check my Links.

b. Keep an eye on your competitors Staying up to date with your main competitors' online marketing strategies is mandatory, especially when you are serious about getting more organic traffic. You have to monitor your competitors on social media platforms and look for their link-building or earning techniques, as well as their content-marketing methods.

Some of the tips are: To keep yourself updated, set alert on to know if competitors are publishing new content on their websites. Also, you can subscribe to your competitors’ email newsletters or follow them on social media. Another smart way to catch up with their new content is to create a Google alert for the keyword “" Apart from all, try to know when and what backlinks your competitors are building or earning. Because it will help you replicate their best backlinks and better understand what methods they are using to promote their website.

To spy on your competitors' backlinks, you can use several tools like Monitor Backlinks, etc. Because this tool helps you to add your four most important competitors. And, once you have done this once, you can get a weekly report containing all the new links they have earned. Inside the tool, you can get a lot of insights about those links and can sort them by their value and other SEO metrics. No wonder that earning quality backlinks can sometimes be challenging, but by using the right resources and methods, you can easily find link-building opportunities.

Finally, keep in mind that maintaining your backlinks is as important as building them. So, use various tools to keep track of the backlinks your website is getting.

Step #4: Lead Generation through Organic Promotions

Without consistent customer growth, any business is just dead. That means keeping up with new lead generation ideas and strategies is very important to the future of any company. So, keeping that in mind we also pursued several Lead Generation techniques through Organic Promotions:

1. High-quality Content Promotion We all know the best thing for inbound marketing is to blog regularly. And, for several years, the content we publish has been the backbone of our lead generation strategy. Same we did for this client. The biggest advantage of having a blog is that it helps to convert a one-time visitor into repeating users and using this policy we helped out client in getting many conversions.

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2. Create a Promo Video Not everyone wants to read. There are many who love to learn using visuals and audibles. So, we also tried educating our visitors on our product or service by creating a promo video. Plus, we have experienced immense benefits from uploading each new video for the purpose of marketing.

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3. Audio content (Podcasts & Audiobooks) Many people listen to podcasts or we can say many people find it interesting to hear things while doing other stuff. So, we used the same process to engage that audience. Must say that giving your readers the chance to engage with you on an even deeper level—via speakers on their daily commute—will help you create more meaningful relationships with them that transcend similar lessons available in blog text, even if you already have a sizable audience. And, that's not all, we also shared GIFs, articles, and many more to generate more leads through organic promotion techniques.

Step #5: Lead Generation through Paid Campaigns

We all know that organic marketing is a slow process but with long term results while paid marketing is a quick process to get the results. So, we also performed Paid Campaigns and used several strategies to enhance the ROI for the client:

1. Search Ads & campaigns It is said that site optimization according to search engine advertising is a must. Because we all know Search engine advertising is a type of paid advertising, that gets the business found on search engine result pages (SERPs). That means it is one great way to monopolize your target audience through search engines like Google that allow potential customers to find your products as well as services. And that’s what we did for getting maximum conversions and generating more qualified leads.

2. Display Ads & campaigns As search ads are all about Google, the display network has nothing to do with searching on a search engine platform. Hence after covering the audience who are looking for specific products, we made other people see display ads because they were targeted after reading emails, watching a video, or browsing the web. Another trend dominating the landscape today is video advertising. And as we all know people today are more fond of videos or more attracted to videos hence it is definitely the best way to build Connections.

Key Takeaways

By following the fore-mentioned process, we made our client reach the top 10 positions in Google. With each step, we delivered Increased traffic, higher sales, quick conversions, and better online visibility. Well, this is one scalable SEO strategy that you can use to rank in any niche. We have even repeated such a process for several other important keywords and attained similar results. There are chances that you not always rank #1 for every time you work with several strategies. But, you’ll be able to quickly find (and rank) more target keywords on the first page of Google by following the steps outlined in this SEO case study.