How do I Boost Traffic on my eCommerce Website this Holiday Season?

Missing any sales this holiday season? You need to figure out if you have done SEO properly for your website!

It is no wrong to say that the Holiday season is the best time to boost up sales. Doing Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of your website the whole year is the best way to keep your online store under the spotlight, even during festivals. And this is one of the reasons why you should keep doing SEO for your online store throughout the holidays, but a little creatively, to get improved results.

How do I Boost Traffic on my eCommerce Website this Holiday Season

All you need to do is change the technique a bit, put Holiday-feel in your SEO strategy, and grab more traction.

Plus, if you Hire SEO Freelancer for the same, you may achieve a major target of your possible annual revenue in just a few festive days.

Well, if there are still some questions in your mind, like how to craft the strategy, what to do differently, etc., then no need to panic. Today, I am, being an SEO Expert for years, listing answers to some common questions you may be struggling with (as many people have asked such questions from me during my past projects).

Let’s begin!

1. How doing Re-research for Keywords can help?

Keywords play a crucial role in the optimization of your website in the festive season as well as in the seasonal ranking.

You might be wondering, why to find keywords again? Seasonal SEO is always based on some unique sets of keywords, as in this modern age, each festival brings a new set of seasonal keywords into the front row. For instance, if we talk about Christmas specifically, it brings keywords such as top Christmas gifts, Christmas getaways, Christmas decorations, Christmas lights, Christmas desserts, etc.

It signifies, if your eStore does not include seasonal keywords in your offer announcements, landing pages, product pages, or blog articles, you won’t show up in search results.

Hence, with each approaching festival, the first action that you must take is to optimize your online store with the trending set of festive-special keywords.

If you are not sure how, to begin with, a Local SEO Specialist can help you find those keywords which are most used by consumers in searching for products during festive purchases.

2. Is it Important to Optimize Existing Content?

New Keywords somehow means new content! But with the help of creative content optimization techniques, you do not have to write whole new content.

Yes! Check out for your well-ranking landing pages or well-performing blogs from last year’s festive season.

Well! Why not update those existing content and make it fresh for the coming festive sales instead of creating fresh content?

Optimizing or updating current content helps in two crucial ways; first, updating content is quicker and easier to implement, and second, we don’t need to get our content in the ranking race from scratch. Moreover, existing content pieces already have backlinks, and hence updating them won’t require the extra effort of building backlinks.

Some factors that you while updating your current content are listed here:

 The common procedure to carry out content optimization includes a few steps:

  • Examine the metrics and analytics of existing content and understand the top-performing blog posts or pages.
  • Perform keyword research to uncover the trending keywords.
  • Make the existing content fresh on the same URL and the same blog post.
  • Add new meta description, focused keywords, title, feature images, etc., based on the requirements.
  • Optimize the content.

3. Why to Change Landing Pages Holiday Wise?

A holiday-oriented landing page can serve as a golden key for your festive sales, as well as for festive SEO.

It enables you to turn your festive goal more targeted and specific, offers a common home for all festive specific keywords, crafts a festive targeted Call To Action (CTA), pulls more customers, displays offers and product announcements, etc; all at one place. Hence, rather than non-centralized festive pages, the chances of ranking such a page are much more.

Plus, visibility brings organic traffic, which leads to sales and conversions.

These days, eCommerce stores have started building appealing landing pages, especially seasonal events. They optimize and then publicize these landing pages on several social media platforms, before the beginning of that event, in order to outrank on the search engine.

For instance, if you are crafting a landing page Christmas, it must comprise specific keywords, Christmas specific products, and media. And must contain enticing Call To Action (CTA) to encourage visitors to take desired actions, making the page a normal place for all Christmas shoppers.

And, making your festive SEO successful such a page is easy to rank.

Keep in mind that building an effective Call To Action (CTA) shows your marketing skill. Color, anchor text placement, size, etc., all count, and if all done flawlessly, the conversion rate is raised too many folds.

4. Why is Festive-oriented Link-Building is crucial?

Especially to Google crawlers, a link to your web pages is a signal that the following web page is a worthy piece of content. Plus, Google tends to enhance the ranking of web pages with such a signal.

Overall, it is known as off-page SEO.

It can be done for holiday-based pages as well. To be more particular, extending the concept of off-page SEO to off-page-holiday SEO.

Backlinking or Link building is a strategic way of attracting traffic to your website or web pages from the other’s website or pages. Besides, it helps in enhancing the Domain Authority (DA) as well as Page Authority (PA) when links are “do-follow” in nature. 

Make sure that more and more internal linking can help you to drive festive shoppers to several product pages.

Additionally, the anchor text matters a ton. So, try hard to get backlinks with anchor text that is more holiday-specific like; Christmas best gifts, Black Friday deals, Thanksgiving best offers, Halloween most spooky getup, etc., that drives the readers for immediate shopping.

Keep-in-mind things throughout off-page link building:

  • Guest Posting for enhanced holiday page authority
  • For new product releases, publish a Press Release (PR) during the festive season.
  • Don’t overlook using internal links [make a cluster of your blogs].
  • Monitor domain authority and page authority before taking or giving links.

5. Can Low Loading Speed Drive-Away the Customers?

It is a known reality that page speed is a crucial Google ranking factor. 

Easter Sunday, Thanksgiving, Christmas Eve, etc., are the biggest Holiday season sale days of the year, which drive high traffic to online shopping websites. The overcrowding may overwhelm the server, following slow loading speed.

So, to make sure that no problem arises during the sale, don’t forget to double-check your servers before the start of the festive season sale.

Note: Fix lost landing pages, resolve the error 404 pages, broken links, and 301 redirects for a better sale.

Extra Question: How Optimizing Social Media Campaigns this Season Can be Beneficial?

According to a survey, organizations that are not doing social media marketing are struggling to get ahead in SEO ranking.

A well-strategized social media marketing campaign can also help you generate leads, engage your audience, get you more brand exposure, and plenty more.

Tips to optimize your social media campaigns:

  • Craft enticing content.
  • Plan your posts ahead of time.
  • Use trending hashtags
  • Update your social media profiles (username, appealing bio, quality pictures).
  • Use videos in your posts.
  • Use CTAs

End Note:

Use these answers as tips to enhance your traffic this holiday season. You can even contact us directly. We will use our experience to make you stand out from the crowd. Get in touch with Freelance Digital Marketers today!

PPC vs Organic SEO: Which is More Effective? (2020 Edition)

PPC vs Organic SEO- Which is More Effective (2020 Edition) - Freelance Digital Marketers

Whenever one thinks to Hire SEO Professional, there may be one question that surely pops up in their mind, is it worth it to do SEO? OR what is better for their business; SEO (search engine optimization) or PPC (pay-per-click advertising)?

Are you also struggling with the same dilemma in mind? If yes, no need to panic anymore. Today, I am, with my years of experience, here to offer you a complete guide.

Well, according to me, there are different benefits of both paid and organic results, hence, I’ll help decipher when you should utilize them.

But to understand that well, let’s first discuss both in detail.

1. Organic SEO

The process of optimizing your web pages and website to rank higher in the organic results in search engines like Google and Bing is what we call Search engine optimization (SEO).

In other words, whenever you type a query into Google or any other search engine, a list of links appears below the ads, and that is known as “organic results.”

The most challenging part about Organic SEO is, to appear here, you can’t just pay. Instead, you need to follow an approach. In addition to that, search engines calculate the quality and relevance of your page by their algorithms and rank you accordingly.

Hence, the big responsibility for your Google SEO Specialist is to figure out what the search engines deem important and then optimize your website and web pages accordingly.

Here are some top advantages of SEO:

  • Organic traffic stays longer

You can generate consistent search traffic to your website, as long as you can rank highly in Google for your desired keywords.

This is why many SEO marketers consider SEO as one of the best options for long-term as well as scalable results.

  • SEO is often cheaper in the long-term

It is well known to all that PPC is an expensive deal. But SEO is cheaper and also offers lasting results.

2. PPC (Pay-per-click)

An advertising model when you pay to get the clicks to your website is what we call Pay-per-click (PPC) Advertising. Typically, it’s associated with search engine advertising like Google Ads.

But nowadays, most social media networks like Twitter, Facebook, and Quora have also adopted PPC as their primary business model.

Here are some top advantages of PPC?

  • PPC is Quick

You might need to wait for days, weeks, or even months, for SEO to work. But at the same time, it’s much quicker for PPC.

You can start a campaign right away and head over to any ad platform.

  • PPC enables granular targeting

When it comes to PPC, your Remote PPC Expert can play around with various types of data (geography, demographics, etc.)

In all, you can control and pay only for the people you want on your site.

  • PPC enables fast experimentation

The PPC process offers quick feedback. To figure out what works and what doesn’t you can easily set up a campaign, run A/B tests, and monitor the results.

Again, SEO is slower and can be difficult to attribute both failure and success to any single individual change or tactic.

SEO vs PPC: Which is better for my business?

There is no perfect answer to this question. Because it always depends.

As both are legitimate sources of traffic hence neither is better or worse than the other.

However, there are few scenarios where one channel may make more sense.

For instance, if you’ll need to target topics that people are already searching for, choose organic SEO.

But if somehow you are working with a disruptive company with an innovative product and no one is looking for it, in that case, it is better to leverage social media PPC to build quick awareness for your product or service.

Let’s decide together what is better for your business?

Still in dilemma? No problem, reach me, and I’ll help you decide which one is better for your business. Whether you need a PPC Consultant or SEO expert, you will get all here. Explore our site!

6 Crucial On-Page SEO Factors to Get Ranked Quickly

On-Page SEO Factors to Get Ranked Quickly - Freelance Digital Marketers

On-page SEO is vital since the beginning as it helps search engines recognize your website and its content, as well as identify whether it is relevant to a searcher’s query.

Even off-page SEO won’t make a better impact if you don’t pay attention to the fundamentals – on-page SEO.

Hence to keep your game up, the first move you need to take is work on some crucial on-page SEO factors. 

Thinking what are they? Well, to save your time from unnecessary research, I, being a Versed Remote SEO Specialist & Best SEO Freelancer, made you a useful guide to the same. Take a look!

1. Title Tags

It won’t be wrong to say that the title tag, which is also known as an HTML tag, exists in the head section of each webpage, offers an initial context or cue as to what the topical subject matter is of or the respective page it is on.

The title tag may have little impact on organic rankings that is why it gets overlooked sometimes.

Being said, duplicate, missing,  or poorly written title tags can all negatively impact your SEO results. 

Also, it is featured prominently, both in the search engine results pages, which are further used as the clickable link as well as the browser window, so make sure you’re optimizing for this element.

2. URL

Apart from Title tags, SEO professionals must be mindful that the category hierarchy of the given website is reflected by URLs.

Here is one good example of URL structure:

Well, this URL perfectly shows the hierarchy of the information on the page (history as it pertains to cricket in the context of games in general). This information is best used to determine the relevancy of a given web page by the search engines. Due to the correct and clear hierarchy, the engines can infer that the page likely doesn’t pertain to history in general but rather to that of the history of cricket. It makes it an ideal candidate for search results related to cricket history. And, without even needing to process the content on the page, all of this information can be speculated on.

3. Keyword Cannibalization

Do you think that the more pages you have targeting a keyword, the better you’ll rank for that keyword? Not true at all!

In fact, if you do target a specific term across multiple pages, it can cause “keyword cannibalization,” which has some possibly disastrous consequences for your SEO.

You’re actually competing with yourself if you have multiple pages ranking for the same keyword.

It’s vital to identify whether keyword cannibalization exists on your website and, if yes, solve it right away. You can obviously reach Freelance SEO Experts for the same.

4. SEO Writing

When you are writing content with both the search engines and users in mind, then it is SEO writing.

People think it is all about keywords, but that’s not true. There is a strategy behind writing solid SEO content – more than the keyword research.

Only creating content for the sake of it won’t make any gain. Make sure that you’re writing content for people – hence that content must be substantial, high-quality, relevant as well as engaging.

5. Content Audit

This mistake is done by many professionals. As they are only focused on making fresh content that they overpass to audit their existing content. And this is a fault.

Keep auditing your existing content is essential because it helps you:

  • Check whether your content (existing on-site) is achieving its goals and gaining ROI or not.
  • Be sure whether the details in your content is still accurate or has become stale (or even outdated).
  • Figure out what kinds of content are working for you.

Basically, content audits can hugely help your SEO strategy, and they must be done on a regular basis.

6. Image Optimization

Putting appealing, relevant images is the best way to create your webpages captivating. But not all images are designed equal – some can even decrease the speed of your website.

Hence optimizing images in a better way will help you make the most of a valuable SEO asset.

There are many advantages of Image optimization, such as:

  • Additional ranking opportunities 
  • Better user experience
  • Faster page load times

Make sure that the Images shouldn’t be an afterthought. Also, keep in mind to incorporate images that support your content and always use descriptive alt text and titles.

Reach Me for Instant Help!

If you find these points valid and want to know what more I can do to improve ranking, feel free to contact me. I can help to devise marketing strategies, improve websites, and make it flawless. It is my years of experience in the industry that make me confident with any client from any industry. 

Check my profile to know more or Hire SEO Expert for you!

Avoid 3 Mistakes to Make your PPC Campaign Work

Avoid 3 Mistakes to Make your PPC Campaign Work - Freelance Digital Marketers

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, a solid & generally profitable method of marketing product, has served as one of the market’s most efficient methods of promoting services as well as products.

In spite of this fact, some businesses cry that PPC is not as effective as it used to be, while others believe that the expenses linked with this campaign are too big. As always, the truth has dwelled somewhere in between.

According to research, it is found that PPC marketing inefficiency is generally brought forward by a string of mistakes commonly marketers make.

Therefore, to save you from a huge loss and to upscale your PPC Campaign, here I will tell you major yet common mistakes associated with PPC campaigns that can be avoided.

Take a look!

1. Always Striving for #1 Position

Everyone wants to reach that number one spot, no matter whether you’re managing your own PPC campaigns or managing a client’s. But as enticing as it may be, intending for that elusive number one spot, that too in the first try, is a traditional PPC mistake, many do.

It’s a great metric to impress your client and to pat yourself on the back. But, actually reaching that top spot can require a lot of effort, time, and money. Hence you need to be patient enough for the same.

For some competitive keywords, the number one spot can cost high, which for some businesses, is way too much. Focusing on your ROI instead of focusing on a number one spot is usually a much better tactic. Not to mention, being in the second or third position can also generate a lot of clicks that too for a lot less money!

If you feel difficulty for the same, no worries just reach a top-notch Google Adwords Expert for your help!

2. Missing to Track the Right Metrics

Missing to Track the Right Metrics - Freelance Digital Marketers

You can spend a lot of money on PPC campaigns and not understand what ads are working to drive your new business to your brand, especially if you’re not careful. In common, here are 5 key metrics you should be tracking:

  • Conversion rate
  • Click-through rate
  • Cost-per-click (CPC)
  • Cost-per-acquisition (CPA)
  • And if your PPC campaign is in Google AdWords, then surely track Quality Score.

If you are still not sure about the right metrics, find a Remote PPC Expert for your help!

3. Linking to Home Page

Not only you but many marketers link their ad to the homepage. It surely is common, still consider it as a rookie mistake.

Think this way! Your intended audience has come across your ad and is enticed to click to get whatever is promised, but once they click, they’re taken to your homepage. It would be their first disappointment. Now they need to navigate themselves to the right place. The problem is, as you have dozens of links on your homepage, it will be difficult for a new visitor to know how to get the information that they need. It would be their second disappointment. After suffering from this conundrum, many leads will easily click the back button and will leave.

So to be saved from missing important leads, the page that you link to must mirror the message on your ad. Make sure it acts as the beginning of your customer funnel. Don’t try to tell each and everything at once, like who you are, what else you do or sell. Believe it or not, they’re not concerned with any of that. They only need the answer to their specific query and to collect on the benefit that your ad promised them. It is one of the top reasons why you need to link to an optimized landing page.

For better results, make sure to focus below points in your landing page:

  • A message is relevant to your ad. People who click onto your site from your ad must meet what they’re expecting.
  • An appealing call to action. Now that the lead is on your page make your call to action both easy to find and engaging.

Reach to Find a PPC Expert you are Looking for!

Are you making the same mistakes in your PPC campaigns? If yes, avoid them and ensure that your PPC efficiency rises. Besides, you can also reach me as your Freelance PPC Consultant. I am, with my campaigning strategies, helping my clients to achieve their targeting goals and build an authority in their niche for years.

Get in touch to know how I can help you!

5 Tips to Amplify Social Media Traffic Even on Fridays

Fridays, being the fun-filled day of the week, is always a dull one for digital marketers as, on that day, they sense a fall in traffic on all social media platforms.

Is this the case with you as well?

If yes, this guide will help you. I, being an Online Marketing Specialist, did research to find some better strategy that can always bring the traffic you desire no matter what the day is.

So, let’s begin.

1. Set your Goals

If you have no target, how will you aim? It’s that simple. You need to know at least 3 Whys behind your actions, campaigns, or strategies. Your purpose will be the driving force of your social media marketing approach. Don’t hold anymore, pick a paper, and pen down your objects!

Setting Up Social Media Goals - FDM

But…, Before jumping ahead, here are a few points you must keep in mind while setting your goals:

  • Be precise
  • Set achievable goals
  • Ensure that your every goal is measurable

2. Novel Approach for Each Social Platform

To get a huge impact on engagements, not only on Fridays but every day of the week, this is an important factor that you can add in your approach. We all know that every platform has its uniqueness and features, then how to use the same approach for every channel. For instance, if you are posting something professional on Instagram instead of LinkedIn, it will probably not receive the required attention.

Novel Approach for Each Social Platform - Freelance Digital Marketers

It also means you should first figure out which platform is right for your business and target the same. Like if you are using Instagram, you can  Try IGTV, Use attractive Instagram Stories, Use interactive, relevant hashtags to attract the intended audience.

So, try a unique approach for each social media channel you are posting on. And, for Fridays, you can post unique content as per the social platform in alignment with the Friday mood of your crowd.

3. Alter your Content-Type

To drive the attention of your audience, one of the most effective ways you can follow is to change the type of content you post regularly. No wonder people will get bored by seeing the same type of posts every day. Even you will get tired by crafting similar text daily. So, alter it a bit and make it more interesting. Like you can start running contests, quizzes, etc. These are methods where people interact.

You can also keep prizes and some gift vouchers for participants and winners to make this more exciting. It will not only help you in driving huge traction but will also help you encourage people to come back to your social media handle again & again.

You can even take a piece of advice from a Remote Digital Marketer for better results.

4. Craft your Posts According to Friday Mood

Regardless of your company niche and in which way you have been promoting your content on social media regularly, tweaking the strategy a bit is necessary for different-than-usual results. And especially when it comes to Fridays, people stay already in the mood of relaxing all day. Hence your every post that day must be followed by that mood.

You can opt to post something relaxing or funny themed content so that people instantly engage and share it. If you will follow the same strategy for 2-3 weeks, then slowly you will start noticing a boost in audience engagements on Fridays as well.

For example, while working for one of my clients, I started #FridayFun!

5. Post at Different Hours

It is one basic reason behind the failure of any social media marketing efforts done by marketers.

They follow regular posting time on Fridays. But this is not valid as people are not active at all times as they are on other days. Since it is a day meant for fun,  people may remain most active in the first half of their day (this might vary as per your intended audience), and you should schedule your posts accordingly. However, be mindful that you might have to do some experiments on numerous hours to discover the most proper posting time on Fridays or any other day when you are experiencing fall in traction.

Reach Us To Get a Boost in Traffic

If you are looking for professional help or thinking to Hire Social Media Marketing Expert to extend your reach, I can help. I have served many of my clients with different niches for the same. You can reach me directly to know how I can proceed with your brand for better results. Get in touch!

7 Questions to Ask While Finding the Right PPC Expert

Are you set to launch a PPC campaign?

Needless to say, you’ll need the help of a PPC professional. Yes, it’s often best to call in the experts when it comes to pay-per-click (PPC). They understand the business, and they have both the right experience and tools to get it done right. But in certain instances, even Remote PPC Expert need to be put to the test.

Thinking how you can test an expert? We’ve got a few things you can consider while deciding. Keep reading and learn some essential questions you should ask from the PPC expert before hiring one. The questions will surely help you decide well. Take a look!

1. Can you show me your customer reviews or case studies?

If you’re not sure that you are dealing with experienced PPC specialists or not, ask them about customer reviews or case studies. If he/she is authentic, will surely direct you to the page of the case studies. If they don’t hide any reviews, both good or bad, he/she is the best choice you can make. 

Experts that don’t present their reviews or previous work often have something to hide. They either are genuinely new or run a business that is not worth investing in.

2. Can we see details on our every penny spent?

When you start investing in paid ads like Google Ads, you easily get to see where every penny of you went. Yes, with Google Ads, you can check which ads cost you the most, or how each ad performs, especially where your remaining funds went.

Make sure you ask your Google AdWords Expert beforehand whether you gain access to this expenditure account or if you simply pay a flat rate, and they do all the accounting behind the scenes.

3. What tools do you generally use?

The list of tools they use is one of the most vital details they should reveal.

For instance, which tools he/she uses to research and discover relevant target keywords? How does the expert run analytics and with which tools he/she performs A/B split test different PPC strategies?

You might be thinking, how much does it matter which tools the expert uses? Well, it does. The quality of the tools usually determines whether you will find returns and check the boost in conversions from a PPC campaign.

4. What is your approach while creating keyword lists?

Any marketer in the business must be aware that it’s vital to collect keywords from multiple sources, as it offers a well-rounded vision of what query people are typing in searches. 

They must keep three points in mind while doing this.

a. Insights offered from the clients, which means the keywords clients want to focus on.

b. Competitive analysis. Looking at clients’ competition and seeing what keywords are successful for them can be a great help.

c. Or he/she must use the best tool like Google Keyword Planner that offers search volume data and advises new keywords based on current search trends.

In a nutshell, to develop a relevant keyword list, the right expert in paid ads will be pulling information from a variety of sources.

5. What are the vital KPIs?

KPI (Key performance indicators) is a method to evaluate the success of your digital marketing efforts. For paid advertising, the most vital KPIs must be cost-per-acquisition (CPA: how much each conversion costs YOU) and the number of conversions (visitors who turn into leads). Both of these are vital metrics for determining your PPC success, and, finally, your ROI.

6. What is your ad budget per month?

So you’ve learned about their approach for making PPC campaigns, and they also got good reviews. That’s a good start! But, did he/she ever manage an account with the same budget?

Some experts don’t work with brands that have smaller budgets. So, before wasting your time in discussion or setting up an appointment with someone, you should try to find out their minimum & maximum ad budget per month. Hence, if your PPC or  Remote Digital Marketing Manager is fine working on the budget allocated by you, you are good to go!

7. How do you support your clients?

There is one effective way to find out if the expert is worth working with or not. You can ask how he/she deals with your complaints and other issues throughout the PPC journey. It will clear all your doubts.

Hire the PPC Professional now!

Well, these questions will surely help you find a PPC professional just like you want. 

But, if you are already looking for one best Remote PPC Expert, we can help you. We’re happy to answer all your questions. Plus, by going through our site, and by landing into the case study section of ours, you will get better insights. You can directly contact the expert too. Check out his full profile here!

Hiring a PPC Expert for Boosting Revenue: Did You Find One?

In the world of digital marketing, there is a constant battle going on between SEO and PPC.

As we know, search engine optimization (SEO) is a gradual process, takes time to achieve or yield instant results. But in such a competitive era, businesses can’t really afford to miss the intent-based audience. So, in order to get quick and desired results, people invest in Pay Per Click advertising (PPC).

However, there are chances that the inability to properly research, implement, and maintain a paid media campaign can lead to a long term disaster for you. Frankly, most of us neither have the time nor the experience required to create and maintain a paid search campaign. And developing a successful paid campaign demands great attention to detail.

There comes a Remote PPC Expert or paid media specialist as a rescuing. Hiring one is not only a logical decision but one that will save you resources and make the best possible use of your budget, eventually improving your marketing ROI.

Here are some more reasons why you should hire an expert to manage your paid search & campaigns.

Top Benefits of Hiring a Remote PPC Expert

Benefits of Hiring a Remote PPC Expert - Freelance Digital Marketers

1. Tremendous experience in the industry

We all have heard this ample time that practice makes it perfect. And an expert has practiced in bringing a positive track record, that is something you can’t learn from a book. No wonder PPC experts take years to learn this art and know PPC inside and out.

2. Keyword research is time-consuming

You have to start with keyword research to successfully run a profitable PPC ad campaign. As it’s a tiresome yet fundamentally important process, Hire Freelance PPC Consultant as your partner in this. PPC experts often know to use tools to be able to research hundreds, even thousands of keyword combinations you would never be able to come up with.

3. Technical expertise for campaign tracking

The most important duty of a PPC campaign manager is tracking and data analysis. It needs analytical skills, technical skills, and a well-rounded understanding of the PPC advertisement process. You can surely leave this one to a PPC expert.

4. Campaign settings

It can be quite confusing. Hire PPC Expert as he/she knows how to target your campaign geographically, how to improve your ad visibility in key timeframes as well as how to minimize your expenses.

5. Optimization of Landing page

If your landing page is not optimized, your conversion rate may suffer. Hence a PPC expert can help you make it more user friendly, to drive leads, more concise, and appealing?

6. Stay up-to-date with the latest changes

Almost every week, Google launches a new Adwords tool, and that means there is always something new to test and try. So, Hire a Google Adwords Expert that keeps on top of it and have dedicated Google reps to lean on too.

Now, as we know the benefits of hiring a PPC expert, it is more important to know how to find the best one among so many options.

Questions to Ask While Hiring PPC Experts

To find the right consultant for you, use the below list of questions to help you:

  • For how long you have been doing pay per click management?
  • What steps do you take to boost the Google Quality Score of a brand?
  • Are you a certified PPC expert or a Google Partner?
  • What kinds of PPC campaigns have you managed earlier?
  • How do you perform keyword research?
  • What process do you follow to optimize campaigns?
  • Do you offer search engine optimization services too?
  • How do you test ad copy?
  • Explain your ways to approach social media PPC ads?
  • What changes do you make to landing pages?

If you are finding any difficulty, these questions can help you begin a conversation and identify who may be the right fit for your brand.

Ready to Hire PPC Expert?

As a Google Certified PPC professional, I’m more than happy to help you better understand Google Ads and how it can fit into your digital marketing strategy to boost your ROI.

Reach me to find out more today!

5 Great Ways to Use Social Media for Boosting Website Traffic and Backlinks

In the world of Marketing, a common mistake that is often made by the freshers is that they separate social media marketing from search engine optimization. 

Well! Social media is said to be an excellent place for your backlinking strategy;  more activity on your posts is a good sign, as google picks up these signals! When you intertwine your social media tactics with your SEO strategies, it gives you a well-balanced approach and further helps you gain traffic.

However, keep in mind that there is no one such strategy or formula to boost website traffic and backlinks unless you have a Social Media Marketing Expert on your side!… But no much panic is required. Because there are still some ways you can try to make more traffic and backlinks.

Wanna know about it?  Let’s read on.

These below-mentioned strategies will act as guidelines for you to blend your social media marketing strategy into SEO efforts.

The Ultimate 5 Ways to Boost Website Traffic and Backlinks

1. Social sharing helps to strengthen your backlinks: 

The link Building concept is pretty simple, as you want these links to be a source with high authority as possible. Simply, getting a link into the influential post of the same niche will get you more traffic hence it will get noticed under Google Algorithms.

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As Neil Patel guides us by his saying: “A quality backlink is a link that comes from a high domain authority website that is well-trusted by search engines and searchers alike.”

A high-authority website helps us to reinforce backlinking through social media marketing.

And not to forget! A blog shared on social media can gain a lot of attention. On the other hand, sharing social media links is also a good idea! More engagement on the post leads to more traffic on the website.

For implementing this, you can hire an experienced SMM Expert as they can guide you better, how social media posting boosts the authority, and also affects the quality of your backlinks.

2. Focus on building strong partnerships:

A leader/influencer sharing your content can have a great impact on your social media sharings as it will increase the positive brand image. Plus, with his help, one can also build a connection with fans and followers, non-competitive brands, and organic partnerships with influencers.

Social Media Marketing - Building Strong Partnerships - Freelance Digital Marketers

You can even connect with bloggers and influencers of the industry that are related to your brand to increase your followers and traffic on the website.

For help, you may Hire Social Media Marketer as he/she will help you connect with organic influencers who’ll truly believe your brand and will promote it.

3. Content Optimization:

Social Media SEO is a point where social media marketing and search engine optimization meets. And it won’t be wrong to say that content is the key to get noticed on social media.

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However, to do that you need to develop SEO friendly content with relatable and right keywords. It can help to grab the attention of the readers. Make sure you focus on the keywords you used in website page bio, on your social media platforms as social media channels have their different search engines.

4. Brand value plays an important role when linking back to your website:

Your brand should reflect the authoritativeness of your content. For this purpose, you can create detailed and heavy research posts in your blog section, share high-quality content, and can further interact on the social platforms via engagement on the post.

Another thing you can do is interact on other blogs not only with the author but also with his followers. This way you can create more followers for your brand.

Again, you can Hire Social Media Freelancer for your help as he/she can help you draft content around topics that can grab the attention of the readers. For instance, awareness of an important issue in society can also inspire more clicks or you can also highlight the social causes or topics to drag attention as this all will help you create more links for your website which will further lead to more traffic.

5. Engaging Local Communities on Social Media:

“Be vocal for local” is our new trend! No wonder, many times we miss important stuff that is trending in the local. Well, it may not create an impact worldwide but can surely grab more attention and can easily promote our brand on local grounds.

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For this, you can interview a local influencer or celebrity and can share it on your social media platforms, it will definitely create more engagement. You can even organize live events and share on social media for more participation.

The Bottom Line

All, these points suggest that when social media marketing and search engine optimization strategies are combined, your traffic doubles. However, at the same time, promotions get complicated. Hence, only great freelancers like the Freelancer Digital Marketers team can help you. They will help you implement these strategies, with their experience and skills to sail the complication and at last, will boost your traffic and backlinks.

4 PPC Tactics to Earn Maximum ROI For Your Business in 2020

For years, marketers are using PPC Techniques to attain maximum ROI. But have you ever thought that what different you should try now to stay ahead of your competition? We can help you here. Yes, we have listed the top 4 trends to make your PPC campaigns super-efficient in 2020.

However, before learning the PPC Tactics, it will be great to have a closer look at what PPC means. So let’s begin with a brief about PPC,  following up with PPC strategies your business needs to try in 2020.

About PPC 

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising model that helps marketers to display ads on any ad platform and pay the host of that platform every time the ad is clicked.

The purpose behind every PPC ad is to lead the person viewing it to click through to the advertiser’s website or app.

Most times, people use Search engines to show the ads as they are incredibly popular advertising platforms. Because Search engines enable us to display ads that are relevant based on users’ search queries.

4 PPC Tactics to Earn Maximum ROI For Your Business in 2020

4 Excellent  PPC Tactics to Try in 2020

If you want your PPC strategies to remain effective in the coming years, all you need is to evolve. Here the term ‘evolve’ signifies the way to think about things somewhat differently than others.

And, if your method isn’t advanced already, then here are 4 tactics you can try this year, in no particular order, and achieve most of all.

1. Choose the Target Audience

Google Ads offers one of the latest and best features, i.e., the ability to add target audiences. It enables you to decide who all you want to see your ads. So, why not just take advantage of this feature and get the most out of your ad budget.

The feature to add target audience enables one to categorize, for whom the product is best, like a particular age group, gender, household income, etc. One can also set ad preferences to bifurcate audiences if you don’t think your service benefits everyone. Like, if you are trying to sell fine jewelry, you can exclude people with fewer incomes as there are high chances that they will be less likely to spend big bucks on earrings or necklaces.

Another latest yet best Google Ads update that helps advertisers, is the ability to layer audiences on top of each other. This means, to create extremely relevant ads, one can use keyword targeting and demographic targeting together and can achieve better results.

2. Advancement of Smart Bidding

Smart Bidding - 4 PPC Tactics to Earn Maximum ROI For Your Business in 2020

Those who are not aware of Smart Bidding, it is machine learning-controlled automated bidding system. Simply, these systems use machine learning to optimize conversions and conversion values in auctions. Some of the examples comprise Enhanced Cost-Per-Click (CPC), Target Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS), and Target Cost-Per-Acquisition (CPA).

Since we are moving into 2020, smart bidding is set to become more advanced, also the strategies utilizing it are going to become more powerful. 

3. Target the Audience at Life Events

Those who have ever run Direct Response campaigns are very well aware that reaching potential customers can be very critical. Not only now but even in the pre-digital days, it was critical to its performance.

For instance, if you’ve ever gotten a mortgage, you’ve probably received a huge number of offers. And the major reason behind that – data shows it’s effective.

Similarly, to get a huge number of offers, Google Ads enables you to run promotions for specific “life events” on but a limited basis right now. We are calling it limited because:

a. Only restricted to life events such as:

  • College graduation
  • Marriage
  • Moving

b.  Currently, only available for Gmail and YouTube campaigns.

Google Ads launched such targeting capabilities in the last couple of years and most likely it will get expanded as a targeting layer for additional events and platforms as well.

4. Evolution of Voice Search

Evolution of Voice Search

We all know personal assistant speakers in Smart homes, such as the Google Home or Alexa Dot, have taken off in a big way. According to reports, around 50% of all online searches will be initiated by voice by the end of 2020.

You may say that Paid voice search advertising hasn’t yet made it to the mainstream, but soon we will see these advancements to emerge due to a rise in technological changes.

Hence, adopting a more conversational tone on your website can be a good way to get ahead of the game. While making voice searches, people are getting more conversational nowadays, which means it will improve your chances of a hit for sure. 

Also, to set yourself up for voice search success, try updating FAQ pages on your website using ‘long-tail’ keywords and attain huge benefits.

The Takeaway

Well, we have learned 4 hottest PPC Tactics to try in 2020. But don’t forget you will need a PPC Expert to implement all such tactics, with more proficiency and skills. And, here you can find one. Yes, I, as your PPC Expert, can help you get the copious benefits for your venture.

So If you want me to help you taking advantage of these PPC Strategies, Contact Me today, I am happy to help!

Try All And Make This 2020, The Biggest For You!