5 Tips to Amplify Social Media Traffic Even on Fridays

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  • 5 Tips to Amplify Social Media Traffic Even on Fridays

Fridays, being the fun-filled day of the week, is always a dull one for digital marketers as, on that day, they sense a fall in traffic on all social media platforms.

Is this the case with you as well?

If yes, this guide will help you. I, being an Online Marketing Specialist, did research to find some better strategy that can always bring the traffic you desire no matter what the day is.

So, let’s begin.

1. Set your Goals

If you have no target, how will you aim? It's that simple. You need to know at least 3 Whys behind your actions, campaigns, or strategies. Your purpose will be the driving force of your social media marketing approach. Don't hold anymore, pick a paper, and pen down your objects!

Setting Up Social Media Goals - FDM

But..., Before jumping ahead, here are a few points you must keep in mind while setting your goals:

  • Be precise
  • Set achievable goals
  • Ensure that your every goal is measurable

2. Novel Approach for Each Social Platform

To get a huge impact on engagements, not only on Fridays but every day of the week, this is an important factor that you can add in your approach. We all know that every platform has its uniqueness and features, then how to use the same approach for every channel. For instance, if you are posting something professional on Instagram instead of LinkedIn, it will probably not receive the required attention.

Novel Approach for Each Social Platform - Freelance Digital Marketers

It also means you should first figure out which platform is right for your business and target the same. Like if you are using Instagram, you can  Try IGTV, Use attractive Instagram Stories, Use interactive, relevant hashtags to attract the intended audience.

So, try a unique approach for each social media channel you are posting on. And, for Fridays, you can post unique content as per the social platform in alignment with the Friday mood of your crowd.

3. Alter your Content-Type

To drive the attention of your audience, one of the most effective ways you can follow is to change the type of content you post regularly. No wonder people will get bored by seeing the same type of posts every day. Even you will get tired by crafting similar text daily. So, alter it a bit and make it more interesting. Like you can start running contests, quizzes, etc. These are methods where people interact.

You can also keep prizes and some gift vouchers for participants and winners to make this more exciting. It will not only help you in driving huge traction but will also help you encourage people to come back to your social media handle again & again.

You can even take a piece of advice from a Remote Digital Marketer for better results.

4. Craft your Posts According to Friday Mood

Regardless of your company niche and in which way you have been promoting your content on social media regularly, tweaking the strategy a bit is necessary for different-than-usual results. And especially when it comes to Fridays, people stay already in the mood of relaxing all day. Hence your every post that day must be followed by that mood.

You can opt to post something relaxing or funny themed content so that people instantly engage and share it. If you will follow the same strategy for 2-3 weeks, then slowly you will start noticing a boost in audience engagements on Fridays as well.

For example, while working for one of my clients, I started #FridayFun!

5. Post at Different Hours

It is one basic reason behind the failure of any social media marketing efforts done by marketers.

They follow regular posting time on Fridays. But this is not valid as people are not active at all times as they are on other days. Since it is a day meant for fun,  people may remain most active in the first half of their day (this might vary as per your intended audience), and you should schedule your posts accordingly. However, be mindful that you might have to do some experiments on numerous hours to discover the most proper posting time on Fridays or any other day when you are experiencing fall in traction.

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